Evolve Goliath Voodoo Challenge Weekend

Learn about 2K's Evolve's Goliath Voodoo Challenge Weekend

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jmd7491748d ago

Give people a free character not some shitty skin ffs.

akurtz1748d ago

Only 6 people will complete it

jmd7491748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

The game is super fun to play, I've logged quite a few hours on Steam, but they butchered it with their DLC model. Which is a terrible shame, treating a full price retail game as free to play. If they treated it like L4D2 and added value to it over time for free, it would have had a huge following.

1748d ago
Crummybear1748d ago

They really blew it with this game. I hope they learn from their mistakes. It was a really cool concept, but way underdeveloped.

Mikelarry1748d ago

Lol how sad this game only has 5 comments for a triple A game that ign gave 9.0 to, knew from day 0 this game would not live past a month

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