IGN UK: E3 '08: Halo Wars Hands-On

For a long time the idea of playing a Halo game and not looking down the barrel of a battle rifle was something IGN struggled to come to terms with. It was like taking something that's hallowed (or should that be Haloed?) and screwing around with it - it just shouldn't be allowed to happen, at least without good reason. Imagine their relief then that, after going hands-on with Halo Wars for the first time, they feel much more comfortable with the concept of a Halo game that's not a first-person shooter.

In fact that's probably doing Halo Wars an injustice, because from first impressions it appears Ensemble has achieved what many thought was impossible – it has created an action-packed real-time strategy game that stays true to the Halo universe, but more importantly it's made a game looks capable of hooking in shooter fans and armchair tacticians alike.

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u got owned3963d ago

WOW!!! already a great preview. This game is gonna own! Cant wait.