NHL 15 available for free in the EA Access Vault on Xbox One. Trailer released to celebrate

Neil writes "There's a new addition to the EA Access Vault on Xbox One and it comes in the shape of NHL 15."

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gangsta_red1755d ago

Would probably be more pumped for this if my Sharks made it to the playoffs :(

SmokingMonkey1755d ago

I hear you, being a Flyer's fan and watching the Flyer's handle the Penguin's over and over again but NOT make the Playoff's just steams me.

I'm hoping the Pens slide out of the 8th spot.

(I hate on a rivalry level only!)

jmetalhead98121755d ago

As a fellow Flyer's, I completely agree! Sucks not making the playoffs, but kicking the crap out of the pens everytime they meet eases the pain a bit😃 Like they way they're fighting in the end here...

EA access has been tremendous value

gamertk4211755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

I totally disagree. Go Pens! Philly can suck it!

Oh, and in case you like the Eagles, go Cowboys!!!

PsylentKiller1755d ago

Rangers fan here but we have a common enemy in the Penguins. So, I guess that makes us friends.

As far as NHL 15 coming to the vault, I'm excited. I didn't buy it cause of the downgrades from last season plus I haven't bought a sports game in a few years. Subscribed to EA Access for the same reason though. I was hoping NHL would eventually make it to Access.

OC_MurphysLaw1755d ago

Sharks were extremely disappointing after such a great start they just imploded.

SmokingMonkey1755d ago

They always seem to implode late, which sucks because Marleau and Thornton are beasts.

Sharks churn out goalies though, unlike my Flyer's who haven't had a good goaltender since.....

...Bobrov.....Bouche....uuumm m.......Hextall.

Nightcyberspud1755d ago

Could be worse. They could have been the Leafs.

BoriboyShoGUN1755d ago

game is trash!!!! They really sh*t the bed on this one, by far the purchase I regret the most this gen. They had it for like 30$ on PS4 and I felt robbed!!!! Geeez NHL13 on the 360 blows this away!

mhunterjr1755d ago

It's definal a step back for people who bought it outright. But considering I already have EA access, I'm not gonna complain about getting it at no extra charge.

BoriboyShoGUN1755d ago

oh yeah of course! for free I'd be all over it too. But from a guy thats been playing NHL games forever, this game is a big middle finger to the fan base.

Pogmathoin1755d ago

Listen to you guys.... I am in Leaf-nation land.... You know nothing of this suffering thing! 😰

Chevalier1755d ago

I am a Jets fan so for once this might be a great playoffs. Just hope the Kings get knocked out tonight.

Pogmathoin1755d ago

Good luck to them..... Better since ya traded that guy....

HammadTheBeast1755d ago

"This year's the year"

Since 1967.

Pogmathoin1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

That is followed by, theres always next year........ At least they they play golf in Florida early.....

Chevalier1755d ago

Yeah Kanecer to our locker room is gone and we got a blockbuster deal out of it. Hopefully your Leafs get out of those monster contracts as well.

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Kribwalker1755d ago

My Canucks have definitely had a bounce back season. Looking forward to getting NHL for free too.

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hello121755d ago

Cool i hate when people say EA access it not worth it. Be downloading this have a try at it.

StrayaKNT1755d ago

Who says it isn't worth it? It is the best subscription service I have ever payed for and I am sure I will be a lifetime customer :)

4logpc1755d ago

Phenomenal game. Dumped like 100 hours into it

NCAzrael1755d ago

Did we play the same game? Phenomenal is hardly the word I would choose to describe it. Looked pretty, but the commentary team got old really fast, and the career mode was awful. Too many steps backwards in my opinion.

BoriboyShoGUN1755d ago

Exactly!!!! I expected so much from this game, especially after they skipped a year on next gen consoles. But it was terrible!!!!! Online team play is so so so bad! The hitting sucks you can just plow anyone over with no penalties at all! Last gen 12 and 13 put this game to shame.

NCAzrael1754d ago


No, I just expect more from yearly sports titles. NHL 2014 showed a lot of improvement, while keeping important features intact. 2015 took everything that worked from previous versions and dumped them in the penalty box. Be A Pro was the most requested feature for several years, and they finally added it a couple of years back, but it was flawed. Introducing the ability to simulate your time on the bench made it feel more realistic. Ice time is earned. The better player you are, the better line you're going to be on, and the more time on the ice you'll get. Having an authentic 20 minute period while being able to sim through the time you're not active made the game more realistic, and made you feel rewarded for earning a spot on the 1st line, and earning a spot on the PP or PK. To take that away destroys any sense of authenticity, and they knew it. Several times throughout the year they talked about possibly patching in a better Be A Pro system, but eventually all the talk was just that.

bleedsoe9mm1755d ago

i'm impressed how fast these yearly sports games are coming to the vault , well done EA !

1755d ago
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