GTAV PC Not Limited To 60FPS; Updates Will Be Synced On All Platforms

GTAV PC won't be hardcapped at 60FPS, thankfully. Also, Rockstar promised that any future update will be synchronized among the platforms.

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ccgr1747d ago

synced updates is good, curious how each platform will perform

Imp0ssibl31747d ago

PC will perform better than any other platform, of course. It looks like I'll be able to max [email protected]+FPS with all the settings, and I don't have a Crossfire/SLI

Magicite1747d ago

only pathetic games are limited to 60fps. Only limit on Your PC is your hardware.

filchron1747d ago

Can I play games in 3D at 1080p 60fps per eye on a screen bigger than 27"?

Orionsangel1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I wish they would upgrade the PS4 version to 60fps.

Femto1747d ago

i have 144hz monitor so this is great news, framerate caps suck. people with high refresh rate monitors will love this

Alexious1747d ago

Agreed! I just bought one myself and it also has GSYNC. Everything is so smooth now!

Femto1747d ago

lol yup yup, enjoy that Gsync!!

PurpHerbison1747d ago

Can't help but think of G-Unit and NSync joining forces when I see "GSync".

Immorals1747d ago

Ain't nuttin but a g sync

starchild1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Yeah, me too. I have the Acer XB270H gsync monitor and I love it. I love high framerates and it's amazing not having to worry about maintaining a fixed refresh rate target in order to get perfectly smooth gameplay.

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Cernunnos1747d ago

My ROG Swift is ready :D

Alexious1747d ago

Cheers! I have a Benq XL2420G.

Festano1747d ago

Great news, can't wait to see if my PC can make more than 60FPS!

1747d ago
brainfart1747d ago

Hopefully my 2 7950 can get the job done,I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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The story is too old to be commented.