Quantic Dream to Open Official Twitter Account and Strengthening Testing Team; Is Something Coming?

Quantic Dream is working on one or more PS4 games, but they managed to keep the nature of their projects remarkably hidden from the public eye. That said, something might be moving.

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vishmarx1753d ago

probably, anouncement at e3 alongside maybe a beyond two souls &heavy rain collection release

Abriael1753d ago

I'm actually still undecided if to bet on E3 or Gamescom. They did announce Beyond at E3, I guess.

chrismichaels041753d ago

With all of this talk lately of "too many remasters and not enough new IP's", its good to see Sonys first party studios like Guerilla, Media Molecule, Sucker Punch, Sony Bend, Evolution, Sony Japan Studios (and even 3rd party projects like Ready At Dawn and Quantic Dream) are all working on brand new exclusive IP's for the PS4.

Abriael1753d ago

We don't really know if Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream are working on new IP.

chrismichaels041753d ago

Unless Quantic Dream is working on a sequel for Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls or Farenheit (doubtful since all of those games were one off stories), chances are pretty high its another new IP.

_-EDMIX-_1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

As Sony owns the IP, I'm not sure that studio will even be porting it...

Quantic Dream is actually working on a new ip anyway.

and Sucker Punch is likely working on a new ip..

Sokol1753d ago

Look forward to any news from David Cage team. Loved both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.

StormLegend1753d ago

New IP? hopefully! and let it be gameplay this time.

Father Murder X1753d ago

yeah another overhyped game no one is going to buy. That's what's coming.

vishmarx1753d ago

heavy rain ~ 3m
beyond two souls `1.7m

Ripsta7th1753d ago

3m/ 70+ mill ps3
1.7m/ 70+ mill ps3

kraenk121753d ago


That's the beauty of Playstation. They make special games for everybody not just for the masses.

_-EDMIX-_1753d ago

@Ripsta7th- dat slowness logic...

I don't know bro, Sims 3 sold 10 million units but 100 million PC's could play it...must have failed bro...

SoapShoes1753d ago

@Ripsta, I guess every single PC game is a failure given it has like 300+ million capable machines out there..

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feraldrgn1753d ago

Maybe someone can tweet them to hire a better writer.
Other than that, Cage's games are satisfyingly unique.

GribbleGrunger1753d ago

Do we get extra points if our tweets make him cry?

feraldrgn1752d ago

If he can't show a negative emotion in a subtle way, then yes. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.