These signs say Nintendo is giving up on the Wii U

The Wii U might be having its last real year of support.

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JeffGrubb1750d ago

At least we're still getting ... 200cc Mario Kart 8?

AngelicIceDiamond1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

One has to ask when will Nintendo bunker down and create a long lasting console? Or console that everybody can get behind not just for for certain people?

You bought a Wii U in 2012 only to learn they have yet another console in the works? There goes 300 bucks. Hell what about gamers who bought it last holiday because they showed off Zelda at E3 2014 and hoping it would released this year?

No Zelda this year and in fact we're not even gonna mention zelda again until next year or maybe even further.

Listen I've been waiting my moment to jump into Nintendo products, but they're...(sigh) They're slowly becoming anti consumer.

Making you buy a new machine that'll have limited support. Misleading consumers, Taking your earnings from YT. Well there goes dedicated Nintendo channels made by hardcore Nintendo fans who buy their freakin products to try to convince people like me to go out and get the console...

Disagree away but Nintendo seems to be doing anti consumer practices under our noses and controlling and misleading its loyal fans.

caseh1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

"Well there goes dedicated Nintendo channels made by hardcore Nintendo fans who buy their freakin products to try to convince people like me to go out and get the console..."

Lets be honest, it has nothing to do with convincing others to get the console. It's all about the stream gaining revenue from views and the owner of said stream getting paid.

I don't really agree with what Nintendo have done in regards to YT but that's an entire subject on its own.

FullmetalRoyale1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Yeah I *bought my Wii U with my tax refund this year. Pretty bummed in general, but I do enjoy the system. Looking forward to replaying Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask when they release them on Virtual Console. Also Xenoblade.

It is what it is. I'll make sure I get my money's worth.

_-EDMIX-_1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

Agreed. Made the most last gen, spent the least on teams last gen.

Sony made the least out of the 3, yet bought more teams then Nintendo did last gen....

I question what Nintendo really thinks of their fan base because clearly they have money issues going on internally.

No reason why some should buy a system in 2012 only to wait til 2016 to get some certain titles.

If you own the system...I would question their support, if you don't own their system...hell i would question their future support.

Who the hell here wants to buy the next Nintendo system at launch? THEY are creating this "wait til" etc releases mindset amongst consumers.

At this point, they've taken soooo long to release content based on not having enough teams and trying to juggle 3DS and Wii U as suppose to just BUYING MORE TEAMS, they've let the lead run out...

At this point, what ever releases for the Wii U, its to many consumers a $350 to $300 buy...for 1 game.

Consider they can spend that money if they already own a PS4 or XONE on many, many games.

SOOOOOO its either Witcher 3, MGSV, Batman Arkham Knight, The Division, Halo 5...I mean the eternal lolz.

Soooooo thats about $300 and some change...for all those games or I could just get a Wii U and 1 game.

I'm sorry but they make it pretty hard to legit justify ignroing the WHOLE industry JUST for them. That is just a bit too ignorant, naive and arrogant to really think your brand can carry you THAT far.

It doesn't help Nintendo gamers either because this is off of their BACKS that they are doing this.

Sooooo we are not buying up teams because you'll buy Wii U anyway? Does that sound like they care? MS and Sony bought teams to have great launches and great first years and those teams are helping them dearly right now.

I'll get a Wii U next year, likely used and I would have to use my tax return at that to get it.

@FullmetalRoyale - lol beat me too it! I see I'm not the only one who is using my tax money on Wii U. Not going out of pocket for it, not buying it this fall...thats PS4 and PC game money lol

mikeslemonade1750d ago

Nintendo has done the least amount in gaming in the past two generations. Just scrap it and try again.

KilKarazy1749d ago

You buy a new $800 phone only to have one guaranteed better come out next year.

Metallox1749d ago

"You bought a Wii U in 2012 only to learn they have yet another console in the works?"

Not entirely true. Back when I bought my Wii U I didn't receive a notification from Nintendo saying they were already producing a new machine.

But hey, we still knew that, anyway. Nintendo started production of a new platform in 2012, surely, just like Sony and Microsoft did; it's something natural at this point.

Nintendo finally announced the NX thing just recently, and their objective of the announcement was pretty clear, I think, but still you assume that Nintendo plans to abandon the Wii U, which I think it's not so entirely true.

Nintendo has already stated that they won't say anything about NX until 2016. Have you considered that the thing could be a handheld, easily?

And even if the thing resulted to be a home console launching in late 2016 (which, again, it's highly doubtful), the Wii U will be four years, and remember this:

-Worst selling Nintendo console ever.
-Nintendo console with less games ever, aside from Virtual Boy.

It can be natural to think that Nintendo would like to replace the console next year, but once again, I doubt it.

And remember again, Nintendo generations have lasted 5 years.

-NES, 7 years.
-SNES, 6 years.
-N64, 5 years.
-NGC, 5 years.
-Wii, 6 years.

Yet I hear that N64 and NGC are the best Nintendo consoles?

About the rest, I think you're being a bit hyperbolic.

N4g_null1749d ago

They already have created a long lasting console it's call backwards compatible.

They don't have paid online and they are not online only consoles.

Plus how many broken games have they released. Also some one tried to say nintendo doesn't invest in games... they support Two platforms by themselves.

Yet they are anti consumer lol.

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3-4-51750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

2015 is the last real year of support ?

2016 has Legend of Zelda and some kind of Mario game. They stated no Mario game in 2015....which means almost for sure in 2016.

The new NX or whatever it is, has nothing to do with 3DS or Wii U.

It is it's own thing.

* Also, Venture beat is NOT a video games site.

Be careful about sites like this.....

Persistantthug1750d ago

The writer, Dean Takahashi, is a respected journalist.
If I'm not mistaken, he's the guy that broke the RROD issue with the XBOX 360 that implied Microsoft launched the system broken on purpose.

JuleyJules1750d ago

Who knows if now there will be a Mario game in 2015? After all Nintendo previously said there would be a Legend of Zelda game in 2015 and that's been pushed. Time will tell and we'll see what they do at E3 in a couple of months.

DougLord1750d ago

That's ridiculous to say the NX is its own thing. When it launches sales of WiiU will collapse. NX is a 4.6 Tflop console launching in early 2017 in Japan and Xmas 2017 for other major markets. 2016 support will be light. The information about NX/Fusion has been out for a year and AMD confirmed it on a conference call almost 6 months ago.

Nintendo has already said the next Mario will be on almost new console, and most people think the Zenda delay is to bring it to the NX.

But I Also Disagree With The Guy Saying If You Bought One In 2013 You Wasted $300. A lot of good first party games have come out to give you your $$ worth. In fact WiiU has more 90s meta AAA then Sony and MSFT. I don't own one because I have no friends to play with and my daughter is only 4 months old, but for anyone under 15, 18 or 21 (depending on what you like) or for anyone with kids - it has been a great console.

Kyizen1749d ago

That's my issue with the Wii U and why I didn't buy one. I'd love to play Mario, Zelda and Xenoblade but that's it. As 25+ I don't have friends come over to play Mario Kart, Mario Party and those Sofa games. With no kids yet I don't need the fun cute games with minimal story line. They need new IPs and more games for mature gamers imo.

freshslicepizza1749d ago

e3 will show the future of the wii u. if we don't see much in new announcements then that tells me whatever is in the pipeline is all nintendo is committing to.

late 2016 will the end of the wii u and any major software support for it is my guess.

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pcz1750d ago

i was going to buy a wiiu this year for Xenoblade x. knowing zelda was not far behind would have made it justifiable. but they pushed back zelda and announced their new console. so now im wondering if its even worthwhile to buy a wiiu for one game, knowing a new console is just around the corner.

nintendo have shot themselves in the feet.

what i may actually do, is buy xenoblade x and simply put it into storage and hope the new nintendo console is backwards compatible.

i already own mario kart 8, so then i will have 2 games for a console i dont even own.

i just cant bring myself to buy a wiiu, it really is a worthless console.

Reeze1749d ago

I honestly advise you to give the games another look. I own 20 games for my Wii U, more than any other console I own. I do understand that a lot of the games on the Wii U do not appeal to everyone, but I'm certain that you'll find something that will make the Wii U worth a shot!

MNGamer-N1749d ago

No console is worthless. WiiU included. They all are worth owning if your are serious about gaming. How anyone could wait years to play one of the highest rated RPG series is beyond my comprehension.

I seriously wonder what is wrong with you sometimes.

GordonKnight1749d ago

If Nintendo plays it's cards right with the NX it could be the next Wii, but for the every day gamer. Imagine the NX co-existing with the Wii U & 3DS. The NX could be a Wii U & 3DS hybrid with backwards compatibility for Wii U, Wii, GC, DS, 3DS, & New 3DS games. The system will out power the PS4 and will come with a standard controller.

Imagine I Nintendo console that can every Nintendo made and has the power for 3rd party companies.


Magicite1749d ago

I think 2014 was WiiU's peak year. Nothing is coming this year, that could beat Smash and Kart combo.

N4g_null1749d ago

The nx confirmation was only to stop news stories like this.

Two things it is not designed to replace 3ds or wiiu and they are still dedicated to consoles development.

If you want to entertain that the nx is a wiiu replacement then it will scale back to the wiiu. Iwata also talked about making one game that runs on all systems instead of what they do now.

So you can say the wiiu will get support since it will scale possible nx games in a similar way that 360 and ps3 games are the budget version of hyped games.

So this could very well be nintendo way of supporting the wiiu the way Sony supported the ps2 and 3.

Plus indies have the dev kits and I don't think a system without multi console ports scares them much. Indies become triple A over time.

It is still possible for Nintendo or a 3rd party to make a game you want. The detriment found here is due to lack of announced hype and a general lack of content across all consoles.

There are also no internal signs that this is happening. Api still has planned updates and improvements are still on the way. I guess some one had to write an article for the jaded gamers and wishful nx powerhouse dreamers that believe it is supposed to be a ps5 clone.

It's just more convenient to ignore the wiiu and just hope you didn't miss out on anything. I'm sure when some games come out you can swap out a console for a wiiu and get your fix.

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ColManischewitz1750d ago

I think this could be good for Nintendo.

caseh1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

What would be really interesting is if they actually launched a console that was a technical powerhouse rather than something that is below par with current consoles.

Last time that really happened was with the SNES and that was epic.

AngelicIceDiamond1750d ago

Actually the Sega Genesis was considered to be more powerful than SNES of the early 1990's.

caseh1750d ago

You have it wrong way around, only thing the Genesis had over the SNES was the CPU clock speed. Literally everything else was in favour of the SNES.

DC7771749d ago

They did, it was called Gamecube and although it was a fine piece of equipment it sold poorly. It was beaten hands down by the weakest console of that generation and the best selling console of all time, Playstation 2.

The last console generation was also won by the weakest console, Wii. It's about mass appeal, hot games and public awareness. PS4 is's hot. People don't even know Wii U exists, even though it has some of Nintendo's finest games.

There is barely anything for 2016 announced. 2 hold over games and only 1 on home console. Wii U is on year 3 already. You can bet they will move on after 2016, but that is still more than a year and a half away. As long as they can say 2012-2017 (even if it's early in the year) I'm sure they will deem that good enough.

young7yang1749d ago

It did not have blast processing!

And Nintendont does not do what Sega could..

But sadly it seems that Nintendo will soon go the way of Sega when it comes to console hardware unless they can release something other the Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroide and all the other obscure Nintendo games that have been rehashed since the days of NES & SNES.

Something new for a change.

Sega may not be in the console business anymore but they have very strong software line-ups and are not afraid to try new things even if they are not very popular state side.

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LOL_WUT1750d ago

I totally agree with this I mean Iwata himself publicly stated that the Wii U is at best seen as a secondary console not to mention the early NX reveal which we'll get more info on next year.

I think that in order for the NX to succeed there needs to be a new management in place one that isn't driven by old tradition and backward thinking just my opinion ;)

gangsta_red1750d ago

"It’s common for a company to announce a console a year or two before it comes out, but it is strange to see one unveiled when its predecessor is still relatively young."

I brought this point up in another article. It's common knowledge that every company starts to R&D or work on the next new thing. But no company announces this fact so soon and while their current console is still on the market only two years in.

This is pretty much why I have been hesitant in getting a WiiU. I don't want to pick one up and then at E3 Nintendo announces a new console for 2016. Yes, Nintendo would not want to repeat a Sega Saturn error but with the WiiU not selling well at all, wouldn't Nintendo want to cut their loses and start over with a new machine to try and re-vamp consumer interest in their brand?

KwietStorm1749d ago

They probably do want to cut their losses, but how many times now has Nintendo showed that they aren't in touch with the market as a whole? For so long, they have lived off the rabid support of their fan base, but it seems that even Nintendo diehards have been speaking out lately. People used to say Sony was arrogant, and that resulted in different issues for them. Well no console has ever been better off by not getting heavy third party support. At what point is Nintendo being arrogant? If they release a new console too soon, and they make the same mistakes yet again, I fear what kind of repercussions could be in order for their standing in the industry. There's just too much happening, and there's a weird feeling swirling around their world.

themonado1749d ago

Well, considering they said they won't be revealing any information on the NX until next year, seeing it at E3 this year won't be something to worry about.

SteamPowered1750d ago

A new console wont magically fix Nintendo's problems right now. If Nintendo doesnt evolve their marketing, console design, and image, then they will be right back where they were with the Wii U.

The Wii U got off on the wrong foot and never really recovered. Nintendo cant afford another false start.