If you don't know, this is why we're getting Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

GotGame writes: Maybe you haven't heard, but this is why we're getting another Black Ops game.

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Relientk771746d ago

Black Ops 2 still has a huge user base, and it's way more fun than Advanced Warfare, and Ghosts (which was the worst)

globeofgamers1746d ago

Ghosts... haha, insert bad memories.

Der_Kommandant1746d ago

Ghost was extremely lame, single player and multiplayer, it got free pass from the press.

Swiggins1746d ago

Agreed on all fronts, Black Ops 2 was the last decent CoD, I still yern for the glory days of MW2 though.

StormLegend1746d ago

I actually like AW more than BO2.

reallyNow1745d ago

its good, but not THAT good. i couldnt stop playing blops2 online. ive got like 800 hours on it.

darren_poolies1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Disagree about it being more fun than AW. I really don't like Treyach's CODs (apart from WaW), I don't know what it is I just get bored of them straight away, BO2 lasted me about two weeks before I stopped playing. I think it may be down to the fact that I find the map design to be very poor compared to IW's.

Newmanator1746d ago

If they can mix old WW2 gameplay/guns with modern/future gameplay/guns they will have a winner.
Like have a prequel and sequel to a storyline in the same game and maps with old and new locations/weapons

PoSTedUP1746d ago

cod4 and BO1 for me. MW3 was ok for a quick fix and got rid of all the cheesy crap and clutter MW2 had. but i rather have a cod4 and bo1 hybred.

Kleptic1746d ago

Cod4 was the last CoD I purchased...rented WaW, didn't care for it as i was still very tired of WWII games...

played MW2 at a cousin's place when visiting for a weekend in 2009...

have literally never picked up a cod title since...honestly, are any of them any better than Cod 4? Pretty much every personal friend i have, or even randoms i talk to about gaming, can't say its true...I've never been one to bite on the annual thing (same issue with Tony Hawk ps, or GH)...a great one would be out, and it immediately felt like all they were talking about was the next all 3 cases, i played the crap out of the originals...and never thought twice about avoiding the franchise after...

Locknuts1746d ago

It's kind of funny that the current gen consoles don't have a good COD experience yet.

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unprotected1746d ago

Big mistake doing another BOs series, WW2 would have made them stars, too many futuristic shooters coming out, sick of it all

SoulStain1746d ago

yep im done. Ill be too busy playing battlefront anyway.

TheJacksonRGN1746d ago

Because whatever story they are telling in the BO universe is over yet.

Filmgamesetc1746d ago

Black Ops 3? Now all it needs is a release date and Activision is set for another billion dollars. Ka-Ching!

Sokol1746d ago

Really, Ghost was terrible? I actually enjoyed the single player and I don't even follow COD franchise since MW2 and original Modern Warfare 4 which still remains my favorite.

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The story is too old to be commented.