GameSpot E3 2008: Mirror's Edge First Hands-On

GameSpot writes: "You want story, updated impressions, or any kind of background on Mirror's Edge, the innovative first-person "running" game from EA Dice? Check out our in-depth Pre-E3 coverage here. After a seemingly endless string of developer demos and walkthroughs, we finally got to play as Faith for ourselves at EA's booth at E3 2008 in Los Angeles. The verdict? Mirror's Edge is unlike any game you've played before.

First, the controls. Trying to create a first-person game that encourages acrobatic wall climbs and jump kicks in lieu of high-powered weapons was a challenge for the developers of the Battlefield franchise, a franchise defined by, well, high-powered weapons. The early results even induced "simulation sickness" in a number of players. But after months of testing and honing, the controls for Mirror's Edge are tight. We played a PlayStation 3 build of the game, although it will also be released on Xbox 360 and PC. To run, simply press the left stick up. To move up, you press L1. The controls are contextual, so a press of L1 may mean jump, or if near a wall or fence, you'll climb up. Conversely, pressing L2 will move you down. At a full sprint, Faith will slide -- useful for taking out the knees of oppressive police officers or ducking under obstacles. When dropping from frightening heights, a press of L2 just as you hit the ground will induce a parachute roll that allows you to continue running without losing much of your speed. Otherwise you'll hit the ground hard and slowly stagger to your feet, losing all of your momentum. In Mirror's Edge, momentum is everything."

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