Ori and the Blind Forest Already Profitable, Dev Working on New Projects

Over on NeoGaf, Thomas Mahler, one of the developers of Ori and the Blind Forest, announced that the game had already become profitable. In fact, it was apparently profitable after its first week on the market, a major achievement for an indie game and new IP. This has resulted in both Microsoft and Moon Studios being very happy with the project, allowing the developer to move on to other games that they have been thinking about for a while.

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tinynuggins1754d ago

Does anyone know how long Ori was in development for? I'm eagerly awaiting this teams next release. Ori is truly a phenomenal game.

bomajed1754d ago

God that's along time for a platform game! Still they can take as long as they want if they are making a masterpiece like Ori.

oSHINSAo1754d ago

Maybe they just need to hire more people... anyone knows how big is Moon Studios team??

christocolus1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

"This has resulted in both Microsoft and Moon Studios being very happy with the project"

Awesome. I'm so happy for Moon glad MS backed them up on this project cant wait to see what they do next. I also think its time they joined the MGS umbrella. pressplay ,mojang, twisted pixel and others would be glad to have them in the family.


It would make a lot of sense for MS to acquire the studio.They already have a great relationship and the game was a huge success for both parties. it's likely they will become 1st party at some point or maybe they'll remain independent but keep working exclusively on Xbox games(2nd party). whatever happens i'm certain Phil will make the right decision, after all he pushed for the acquisition of mojang and that deal cost $2bn.i doubt moon studios will cost a quarter of that.

KarmaV121754d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Surprised they haven't jumped on them yet. Although they could already have an offer out and what not, just being quiet. They are a fantastic studio and would be a great addition!

hells_supernova1754d ago

Just out of curiosity what else have they developed?

Also fantastic news really glad such a beautiful game

christocolus1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

This is the teams first game but according to info on their site they were already working on a project prior to Ori titled warsoup (realtime strategy fps). i think the game was put on hold to enable the team finish up with Ori.They are made up of AA developers i.e Thomas Mahler (former Cinematic Artist at Blizzard Entertainment) and Gennadiy Korol (former Senior Graphics Engineer at Animation Lab). They are obviously very talented and it would be great if MS snatched them up.

hells_supernova1753d ago

Thanks for being helpful. Also fps real time strategy sounds really interesting reminds me of sttarhawk. Would be cool if they could pull it off.

I would rather really talented people do not get snatched up by big corporations to be honest but that is my personal preference

Foehammer1754d ago

Well said

It's great to see the fruits of their efforts being appreciated by so many.

Hats off to Moon Studios, very well deserved.

WizzroSupreme1754d ago

That's awesome to hear, Ori 2 is now on my most anticipated for 2018 list!

gangsta_red1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Good to hear, it's a great game and received well deserved scores.

Can't wait to see what's next from these guys.

My two favorite disagrees are here.

BlackTar1871754d ago

it really was a great game. I had high expectations and they were exceeded.

Septic1754d ago

Yeah brilliant game and proper magical. Might revisit it again for le achievements.

RiPPn1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Wonder how well this sold on the Xbox One, we know that fanbase only likes AAA games and not "crap indies" even though this isn't an indie. Methinks this success is mainly thanks to being on Steam.

KiwiViper851754d ago

90% of my Xbox One friends list has played it.

krypt19831754d ago

Don't be fooled troll by 5% of the xbox community that frequents this site, Console wise indies thrived because of the 360 and just because they prefer quality over quantity doesn't mean people don't like indie games.

Clunkyd1754d ago

Nah, Steam/PC gamers are cheap. They will rather wait for a Steam Sale. lol
Consoles software will always outsale when it comes to multiplats.

sorane1754d ago

Diablo 3 easily proves that ignorant statement wrong. As do Minecraft, Skyrim, and countless others who sell far more on PC.

annoyedgamer1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Considering the popularity of the XBL Arcade I would say Xbox players like titles like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.