Six Video Game Documentaries You Need To Watch

As video games further ingrain themselves into the public consciousness and our everyday lives, they are no longer being seen as just a child’s hobby, and are even being called an art form by critics and gamers alike. And just as there are countless documentaries about films, literature and art, there is now a growing selection of video game documentaries to choose from. GamersFTW have picked the best of the bunch to get you started.

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WeAreLegion1745d ago

I really enjoyed Video Games The Movie. Sean Astin was great.

TheFirstClassic1745d ago

Smash bros documentary on youtube, completely awesome.

Mikefizzled1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Calling Borderlands 2 hilarious feels like an overstatement. It was mostly poorly written and filled with internet culture references.

DefenderOfDoom21745d ago

G4's Icons was my favorite show about video game history .

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