Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Wants Requests and Feedback on New PS4 Features and Project Morpheus

Have some feedback you want Sony to hear on Project Morpheus or new PS4 features you’d really like to see? Today Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida provided one more way to make your voice heard.

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Relientk771745d ago

Bluetooth support (headsets/earpieces)
Backwards compability

Abriael1745d ago

Yeah I was a bit annoyed when I noticed that my bluetooth headset didn't work with my PS4...

Relientk771745d ago

Me too, and still

I want it for online -_-

gfk3421745d ago

This happened to me too.

But I'm sure that a FW will be released on this aspect.

Look how good the 2.5 update is. The best feature in the 2.5 update is the sufspend/ resume. I like the fact that this feature is taken by the ARM secondary chip and hence the PS4 is not making any noise in rest mode (stand by). I have a friend that has a X1 and does not use the suspend/resume feature as the X1 still makes a noise from the fan in stand by mode.

Army_of_Darkness1744d ago

Asking for backwards compatibility right now is just ridiculous cause with ps now and remasters, there's no way in hell Sony will even consider it...
I just need mp3,mp4 and mkv support!... Btw, suspend/resume feature is awesome :-D

krypt19831744d ago

@gfk342 lies because the xb1 doesn't even make a noise when it is on, maybe he should return it if he even has one and my xb1 has been on for 32 hrs and is not even hot, i played bloodborne for 5 hrs last night and could cook a hotdog on my ps4. but ot looks like sony wants to start a preview program no shame in copying what works..

ikkokucrisis1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

I'd definitely want DLNA capability on PS4 like the X1 and PS3 can do

Fgfttfgff1744d ago

@armyofdarkness it's impossible to allow backwards compatibility at this
point the box doesn't come with require components for such to happen. They use different processors PS3 used cell 86x proccesor if I'm correct. Ps4 doesn't use a cell processor

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ZerobyZero1745d ago

Yes please make it happen

harv0521744d ago

Hard to give feedback on Project Morpheus when most of us have never tried the thing.....

Why o why1745d ago

sonys secret weapon

continue as you were

Why o why1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

If it isn't broke, don't fix it and by that I mean Sony have been listening and communicating with their customers since gen start. They have been pretty clear on the things they're trying to fix.

StormLegend1745d ago

Can someone tell him to fix the text chat? Many people like texting and gaming with friends.

WizzroSupreme1745d ago

I really hope Until Dawn's on Morpheus. That'd be freaky good.

kraenk121745d ago

Until Dawn is no first person game, is it?!

MRMagoo1231744d ago

I want the next elder scrolls game on morpheus or even skyrim remade for it.

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The story is too old to be commented.