Zaavi sells out of new amiibo figures in less than an hour

While GAME has only listed a few of the new amiibo figures, and the Nintendo store has so far only listed the Splatoon ones, today Zaavi listed all of the recently announced amiibos and they sold out shortly afterwards. All of the new amiibo figures except the two Splatoon amiibos have now sold out.


The Splatoon figures have also sold out now.

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MNGamer-N1750d ago

AAAAAaaand their gone. It's Amiibo insanity!

RosweeSon1745d ago

Got an email to say my Yoshi and game bundle for £35 won't be honoured today, still showing as ordered on my account but my guess is too many orders. Hope they don't start cancelling my Amiibo's as well it's why I order 2-3 sets GAME, Amazon and Zavvi have all cancelled them within days of release in the past even tho they were ordered months in advance, poor.