Driveclub: From Disaster To Success

Released on October 7th 2014 in North America Driveclub by Evolution Studios was essentially a broken game. Between the server issues to the elusive free title on PS plus where are we now?

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1745d ago Replies(3)
TheNemesis5011745d ago

its on sale right now for fourty bucks so I think I mite get it but I've been saying that to my self for a month now. still maybe todays the day I pick it up.

LegoIsAwesome1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

No matter how successful it is right now, internet pro people will still make it look bad because they are happy with a game that is full of cars that is like it is made of plastic. Project Cars? 60FPS? so? Does it look as good as DC?

Oh yeah come at me DC haters. Don't be shy to disagree :)

ThunderPulse1744d ago

Let the man incite an internet riot. Just sit back and watch the disagrees roll in.

RiPPn1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Really get a PGR feel from DC.. and yeah most are going to hate on this game until the end of time or until they release the ps+ glorified demo.. such a shame.

Khajiit861745d ago

Most will hate it past that point as well lol. smh people dont know what they are missing.

Death1744d ago

Anyone looking for a great arcade racer will love Driveclub. The comparisons to Forza setup some very unrealistic expectations. With all the focus on multiplayer, Sony really should have made sure it worked out of the box. This is especially true given the delays. Just about all goodwill that may have helped was killed when the promised PS+ edition was indefinitely delayed.

SmokingMonkey1745d ago

Got it coming to me in the mail, only paid $10 for it too from the retail Sony Playstation site. Waiting for BloodBorne to come up.

You guys want to know when PS+ Driveclub will come out?

Same day I get the full copy of the game!

j/k I have no right to complain about PS+...ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.