Dead Space Retrospective: Unpleasantly Brilliant

Niall De'Ath writes: "Isaac Clarke can't seem to catch a break. His childhood was less then happy: his father was never home, his mother was a religious zealot who sold all the family possessions to the church and his grandmother made him wear her nightmare-inducing sweaters to space school. But things are looking up. Now working with the merchant marines, Isaac has been given the opportunity to prove himself on an emergency response mission. Unfortunately, the ship he's come to help is the USG Ishimura. And his girlfriend is missing. And there are necromorphs. Poor Isaac.

"Dead Space has always been a personal favourite of mine since its release in 2008, and seven years later I still seem to boot it up every few months. The slow, cautious moment of Isaac, the subtle whispering of voices that echo through the halls of the abandoned planet-cracker and the often abrupt, frantic fights for survival with the Lovecraftian nightmares aboard all make for a truly memorable experience."

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