Ubisoft Has a Chance to Release The Best Shooter of The Year With Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has a huge opportunity with the upcoming release of Rainbow Six: Siege. This is a series that already has a large fan base from the previous generation, where titles like Rainbow Six Vegas and sequel were quite popular. While Activision and EA banked on the popularity modern shooters with Call of Duty and Battlefield, this popular, long-running franchise stood idly by. Rumors have been circling for years about its return. First there was Patriot, it’s unveil and then subsequent cancellation. Though last year at E3, Ubisoft showed that they are doing something different with the series, taking it back to its tactics roots and revealed that the next generation of Rainbow Six will happen sooner rather than later. We’ve seen a lot of games revealed at E3 that failed to reach the potential they’ve shown, some of them from Ubisoft themselves. With the recent release of the Rainbow Six: Siege Alpha we got confirmation this may in fact be the real deal.

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Adexus1744d ago

Loved the old Rainbow's but I don't like the Alpha for this at all to be honest

WellyUK1744d ago

It's lost something for me just feels really generic and not like a rainbow game.

Kingthrash3601744d ago

Oh no there goes the "generic" word again.
Still I worry simply because u is often is making this. Their track record in producing bad or glitchey incomplete games are on the rise. I'll sit watch and wait before I say anything about any ubisoft game...i lost my confidence in them.

crazychris41241744d ago

Just got my alpha code. Will play it tomorrow but it looks pretty good.

masterfox1744d ago

online only MP game ? hahahah hell no. an online only fPS could never be called the best shooter, cause guess what the online will screw you over with bugs, glitches, cheaters, etc.

awi59511744d ago

Some of the best all time are multiplayer only young one.

jdiggitty1744d ago

there's single player campaign and co-op

TheFirstClassic1744d ago

I thought it wasn't online only.

KwietStorm1744d ago

Actually, Ubisoft has a lot to prove after Watch Dogs and Assassins Creed, and then The Division falling off the radar.

boodi1744d ago

you forgot " the crew " ..meee.. most forgotten game of the world ..

WizzroSupreme1744d ago

It sure does have a shot as long as Ubisoft throws everything it has at it and doesn't get distracted diluting its teams between this and Assassin's Creed. Would be nice if AC took a break just to make Rainbow a priority.

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