Bungie: "Our Publisher Is Microsoft"

As millions of Bungie fans try to take in the disappointment and rage of Bungie's recent press release stating that their announcement for their new game has been cancelled, Luke Smith - Bungie employee and former 1UP employee - has spoken to Neogaf, revealing the mysterious publisher.

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Breakfast4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Im surprised at you...havent seen you in the longest while.

Overr8ed4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

really? am not. Bungie is a get supporter of Microsoft, their relationship is like Insomniac and Sony.

PirateThom4212d ago

If Bungie is such a great support of Microsoft, why did they break their contract so they could be independant again?

Ogrekiller4212d ago

good to see you back man, we needed a change from QueefyB. Almost missed your flaming.

Bnet3434212d ago

When I read the title, I WTF'd in real life. WOW I am uhhh .. speechless WTF?!

meepmoopmeep4212d ago

less restrictions and more freedom i believe.

Qbanboi4212d ago

i hope u r been sarcastic. We all saw this coming.

The Lazy One4212d ago

also more financial freedom. Considering they're a developer that WILL make money, I'd want to have control over surplus profits too. As it stood, if halo sold an extra 3 million, nobody at bungie would really see much off that.

solidsnakus4212d ago

well can you really blame them? would you like them to just anounce a game thats well over a year away ala sony. or just tell us when its closer to launch.

pandabear4211d ago

Yeah thats right - so they announce FFVIII instead which won't be out til 2010 - Go M$!!!

FPS nut4211d ago

I see him on youtube and gametrailers all the time getting owned and made fun of

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pwnsause4212d ago

WOWZER NO WAI, so unpredictable! /end sarcasm

QueefyB4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

obviously since it is only microsoft that publishes flops google too human for more insight

FPS nut4211d ago

Has any PS3 game sold 8 million copies? Has any PS3 game sold 5 million copies? Did MGS break any of Bungies sales records?

Answer: no, so I would be carefull what you call a "flop" when none of the games on your system of choice hasn't even come close to that achievement.

QueefyB4212d ago

i wonder why they didnt show this game maybe the graphics are too last gen or something

QueefyB4212d ago

no wait i got it they were waiting to see killzone 2 so they could copy from it like they copied apple tv sony and nintendo yesterday yes that is the answer

Overr8ed4212d ago

Using you Bubbles well huh QueefyB?

Mausenheimmer4212d ago

Dude, Killzone 1 sucked. Why do you think Killzone 2 will be a blessing from heaven? Also, Too Human hasn't been released yet. It has been delayed a few times, but so was BioShock and it turned out all right.

Kleptic4212d ago

^^ you obviously know nothing about Killzone 2...It is very likely to be the best game shown at E3 this year...its already guaranteed for best visuals...

254212d ago

when someone brings up the awesomeness that is killzone 2, someone is right behind bring up killzone 1, a last gen game, and how it was bad.

morganfell4212d ago

The first Killzone was great considering the hardware it was on. Greatest weapons animations ever.

And Too Human? Well all I can say is welcome to your own personal 360 version of Haze. Enjoy it because that game is pure crap.

Mausenheimmer4212d ago

I'm confused. Were good games on the last-gen impossible to make? Because God of War, Halo, and Metal Gear Solid are gonna be pissed to hear that.

As for Too Human sucking, the most anyone could've played is a demo. So I really wonder how you were able to extrapolate less than one level of play into a review of a game.

If the first Killzone was so great, how come its average score was 24 points lower than God of War (same hardware) and 25 points lower than Halo 2 (same genre, equal hardware- unless you want to argue the PS2 was inferior hardware)?

Or are you guys just drinking that much of the Sony Kool-Aid?

morganfell4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

I played enough to know - the demo is on LIVE - that the AI isn't going to suddenly get smart in all the other levels. The enemy will ignore them and wait to come after just you.

The enemy AI is dumb as hell and do not like stairs. BTW, there are a lot of stairs in the game. The level up menu is ridiculous. Invisible walls are likely in every level. The autocamera is likely broken in more levels than just this one demo level. The controls as idiotic as they are and will be the same for all levels. The aiming mechanism is likely broken for more than just this one demo. I played enough for it to be enough.

Unlike you who resorts to scores to see if a game is any good I have a brain and I actually go play them myself.


Me - 1
you - 0

Mausenheimmer4212d ago

Because we all know that demos are the finished product and that the AI on the first level of the demo is exactly the same as the rest of the game.

I haven't had a chance to play it yet because I don't have a gold subscription (it is odd that you would have a Gold subscription on 360 and a PS3, but anything is possible). I will judge it for myself when it is available for all 360 owners. I've read reviews ranging from "Loads of fun" to "Broken pile of crap". So I don't know what to think.

Also, Metacritic isn't a perfect judge of games, because everyone's taste in games in unique, but more often than not it is a good barometer of quality. For instance, I would argue that Gears of War was more fun than BioShock but both were fun games. And the Metacritic, while not exactly agreeing with me, reinforces the point that you should probably try both games. Even under-appreciated gems like Psychonauts and Beyond Good & Evil have good scores.

P.S. Giving yourself a score is kinda lame.

P.P.S. Camera Control is an easy problem to solve, since according to IGN, there is a camera re-center button.

morganfell4212d ago (Edited 4212d ago )

Let me explain something you don't know. Final code is set a minimum of 5 weeks before publishing. Minimum of 2 weeks for Q&A by the publisher, more if the publisher and the console maker have to do Q&A, and then 3 weeks for publishing and reproduction.

Yes there is a camera recenter button. You think a lot about hitting the Left shoulder button in the middle of combat...not. Remember, I have played it and obviously you have not. Here you are bragging on something you haven't played. Can anyone say blind obedient acolyte? I can. And you are.

Keep those blind faith hopes alive. The same thing happened with Haze, "Oh that is demo code, it isn't final" Yes it is. This isn't a beta, it is a demo. Read em and weep pal. Oh by the way, Square just said no FF13 until 2010. Boo hoo. Enjoy being on the losing team ha ha ha.

Mausenheimmer4212d ago

So let me get this straight, because you didn't want to use the button to fix the camera in combat, you whine about the camera? I'm sorry your too dumb to tap the Left Bumber. CoD 4 must've been hell for you, since you couldn't throw flash bang grenades. Like I said before, and since you clearly have reading problems let me state again, I'm waiting to play it before I judge it. I like the story premise.

Also, you thin skinned bigot, I wasn't bragging about it. I merely stated I wanted to try it myself before I listened to someone I don't know who claims it is a pile of crap.

Also, it's a bit dim of you to think I care about FF 13 one way or another.

All your complaints about Too Human seem like they could be explained by user error. I could be wrong. I haven't played it yet. But I'm not going to agree it's a pile of crap because you say so. That would make me a blind acolyte.

P.S. I don't really know if you played. All I know is that you said you played it. As far as I know, you could just be basing your beliefs off what other people said and exaggerating.

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