Buying all this year's LEGO Dimensions content will cost you about £350

If you're thinking of picking up every piece of content for LEGO Dimensions, you should probably start saving now.

Purchasing every piece of content currently confirmed for the game will set you back around £355, which includes an initial £99.99 outlay for the Starter Pack, £14.99 for each of the Fun Packs, and £29.99 for each of the Team Packs and Level Packs.

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ironfist921748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Just as I feared.

Lego, i love you, but no thanks.

I hope they continue to make proper Lego games, and dont just focus solely on releasing toys and expansions for this whenever a new film or property comes out...

UKmilitia1748d ago

well thats me not buying it.

skylanders and disney infinity was to costly imo and didnt need to be milked as much as it was but i wont support this practise of its lego its double the price.

Testfire1748d ago

I hope this trend doesn't make it into other games. Imagine having to buy toys to unlock characters in Mortal Kombat, Halo, Batman, etc. It's scary because these things make a lot of money and I'm sure the idea has been floated across corporate tables already.

Tiqila1748d ago

you should get a nfc-code or sth with any lego product for some extra content in the lego games. Or make it one game and all stuff I buy comes to life in that single lego game. With stuff I mean regular Lego products I would buy anyways...

that would be cool, but probably wouldn't boost lego sales a lot.

MegaRay1748d ago

Nobody support this cash grap please. Let them make a proper Lego games that cost $40 not $300

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