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Tin Salamunic: Project Root is developer OPQAM’s modern homage to classic shoot ‘em ups (SHMUPS). Its foundation is simple, but the addition of sandbox-style levels and a freeform camera makes Project Root a genuinely unique venture. When talking about challenging experiences today, most gamers refer to titles like Dark Souls or Ninja Gaiden, but many have forgotten the mercilessness of classics like Ikaruga, Raiden III, R-Type II, Gradius III or Ibara. These titles are notorious for their punishing penalty levels and enemy formations. Project Root takes the SHMUP genre to new levels. It retains the genre’s fierce difficulty while introducing new gameplay mechanics. OPQAM may be an industry newcomer, but their first project is already showing tremendous promise. With a little more graphical polish, Project Root has the potential of becoming a cult classic.

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