ZTGD | Toukiden: Kiwami Review

Drew Leachman writes: I seem to review a decent amount of games that originally started on the PS Vita and were then ported over to the PlayStation consoles. Every time I do, I usually start the review off by saying “I have never owned a Vita, but after playing this port, I think I should check one out.” Well, after playing Toukiden: Kiwami, maybe I should check out a PS Vita.

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bmwfanatic1746d ago

Yet another good PlayStation exclusive this year.

LAST_RPG_HERO1746d ago

the game looks fun, a cross between dynasty warriors and monster hunter. the only problem is there been absolutely zero marketing for this game.

rdgneoz31746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Zero marketing and it came out right after Bloodborne. Hell, after playing the demo I had to really search for the full game as it wasn't on display in the store as a recent release (preorders for games releasing in several months are shown vs a game that came out 2 days ago...). Hell, on the PC store (which for some release lists the release date as April 28th, while the PS4 store has it correct) the game only comes up under bundles, which means if someone is searching "games" from the past 30 days it doesn't show.

As for the game, it's basically Monster Hunter with Japanese history / literature / mythology thrown in. You collect the souls (Mitama) of famous historical figures (like Kondo Isami from the Shinsengumi or Date Masamune), figures from Japanese literature / mythology (they have Jiraiya from the "The Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya" which inspired the Legendary Sannin in Naruto), folk heroes (like Sakata no Kintoki which inspired Gintoki from Gintama), and a joke character (Oda Nobunyaga - a feline samurai...). Hell, there's achievement for collecting 200, and I think there's about 300 in total. Also a ton of weapons, armor, and missions to co-op (for PS4's basically 2 games in 1).

Tex1171746d ago

It released on the same day as Bloodborne. Played the demo, and while the game is fun...It just makes me want a proper Monster Hunter on the PS4.

Kamikaze1351746d ago

I need to hurry up and finish Bloodborne so I can play this

WizzroSupreme1746d ago

A friend of mine really loves this. I'll give it a try sometime.