E3 2008: Bones Brings Exclusive Anime to PSN

A major feature wasnt announced during Sony's E3 conference :

In a surprising announcement at E3 2008, Sony Computer Entertainment revealed a partnership with Bones Studios for a TV series called Xam'd: Lost Memories that will be available exclusively in the PlayStation Network. Availability has not yet been announced for Xam'd, but pricing in North America has already been set -- users can download episodes for 2.99 for SD video and 3.99 for HD video of episodes.

This is a full-fledge anime series – two seasons of shows for a total of 26 action-packed episodes, all of which can be downloaded to your PlayStation 3 and/or PlayStation Portable game systems.

1080p and 720p versions of the brand new Xam'd: Lost Memories trailer can be found on the US PSN service right now, with more details about the release format coming either later today, or on Friday at the official site: http://www.xamdou.com

Baka-akaB5617d ago

I can't believe that with such emphase toward video store , Sony failed to mention that !!

I do want anime on video stores , and hope we'll have access to subtitled versions and plenty titles .

Tetsuryu5617d ago (Edited 5617d ago )

Xam'd will include subtitles along with the original Japanese voice cast. ;)

Chad Warden5617d ago

They have a lot of anime in HD in the store right now. Afro Samurai, Astro Boy, Basilisk, Burst Angel, Desert Punk, Gunslinger Girl, Kiddy Grade, Moon Phase, Samurai 7, Trinity Blood, Xam'd: Lost Memories, and Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles.

A lot of cool stuff.

Baka-akaB5617d ago

Cool i'll go check it out .

B-Rein5617d ago

holy moly hd NAIME I FREAKIN WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG i really wanned hd animes at last :D

B-Rein5617d ago

HD Animes, i looove XD, this mite be popular in japan if they releas the video store there

sinncross5617d ago

wait, you cna only watch this n the psn?

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