LEGO Dimensions Leaked & Set To Take On Skylanders/Amiibo

A reddit user has leaked Warner Bros upcoming toy-to-life video game ‘LEGO Dimensions’. A picture was posted of the alleged starter kit which is set to feature the game, a LEGO toy pad, bricks to make a LEGO gateway, a LEGO Batmobile as well as Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle.

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Gedes1750d ago

My kids are going to want this, and my wallet is going to cry. $100 for the starter bundle? And the lego figures are tiny, which means they'll be lost easily. Damn.

Lighter91750d ago

When are they going to make a LEGO game based on building things?

Darth Gamer1750d ago

Agreed. You would have thought that with all of the hype and people playing minecraft, that lego would have made a game very similar only with their flair by now. Look at the profit they could have made with a game like this. The potential for a game like that is endless with the different kinds of lego pieces.

Gameseeker_Frampt1750d ago (Edited 1750d ago )

I think if you rephrase your question you will find your answer. Instead of "When are they going to make a LEGO game based on building things" try "When is the company whose primary business is selling plastic bricks for people to build things with make a video game that replicates that experience for a fraction of the cost?"

mad-dog1750d ago

interesting stuff. I do hope they don't rush it.
Take your time and make it great. Like Lego City undercover or the Marvel Superheroes game.

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