Would You Play An Uncharted Trilogy Remaster?

Clipping Error discuss whether or noth they would play an Uncharted Trilogy Remaster for the PS4 in light of the Swiss retailer which listed it recently. They present arguments for and against.

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Neonridr2982d ago

considering the only Uncharted I have played is the Vita game, then absolutely. I plan on purchasing UC4 and I don't want to have to go out and buy a PS3 in order to enjoy the first 3.

JoeMcCallister2982d ago

Agreed - I was an Xbox-only person last gen so I would certainly pick this up as a primer for 4 and just a good series to experience.

morganfell2982d ago

Well I have platinumed all the games and I would still go after a repeat on the PS4.

Spinal2982d ago

I've only played uncharted 1 so I would get the trilogy to try out 2 more importantly as everyone rates that one as the best.

Perjoss2982d ago

Its just crazy to think that there are gamers that have not experienced Uncharted 2. 1 and 3 are not terrible games but 2 is really something special.

nicksetzer12982d ago

I think it seems like they delayed uncharted to cash in on this remaster if the runors are true. Honestly though, i have played all the previous uncharted games and I will most definitely purchase this if true. Would love to play them again in preparation for uncharted 4. Excellent series and if it releases at a $60 price point it is a no brainer for me.

chrismichaels042982d ago

If youre one of the millions of new PS4 owners that had a 360 or Wii and didnt own a PS3 last gen and didnt get the chance to play the Uncharted series, then the answer is most definitely yes, its worth picking up

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Guyfamily9992982d ago

All three are on PS Now. It isn't ideal but if you have a decent connection you could play through them for 20 bucks. The first is great but definitely the weakest, you could just find a story overview and rent the second and third IMO.

Neonridr2982d ago

I thought the same thing, however when I looked I didn't see Uncharted 3 on the list. Nor can I find any confirmation that it's on the PS Now library anywhere on the internet. As far as I can gather it's only the first 2 titles currently.

jmac532982d ago

PS NOW is what I will be doing if they don't announce the trilogy otherwise I would rather buy a disc

Guyfamily9992981d ago

Not sure about renting but UC3 just got added to the subscription service. I think the first two are also with the subscription, so for 20 bucks you would have a month to play all 3. I would still much prefer a disc though.

johndoe112112982d ago

The only way I can see someone not buying into this is if they already played all three on the ps3 otherwise I cannot see a justification for not getting this if you have a ps4. This is one of the best game series ever.

It's basically the same for all exclusive remasters. Exclusive remasters make sense because they allow people who didn't own a particular console last gen to play certain games if they own the console this gen.

madworld2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Hell no I played all those games on ps3 I will not play it again,but for players who didn't they should play other side I don't want this remaster out in the Christmas what I want new game in holiday

Christopher2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Pretty much agree with you, johndoe11211. I've played all 3 on PS3 and have explored the stories they have to tell. Playing it in a higher resolution, for me, would not improve anything I've experienced and there is no more story that needs to be unfolded for me to be able to go into Uncharted 4. There are new games with new stories I'd rather put my money towards than a remaster of games I've played and that present no alternative ending or content for me to partake in.

DragonKnight2982d ago

I have no interest in the Uncharted games. That's all the justification I need.

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bloodybutcher2982d ago

I'm hesitating about this. On one hand, iplayed the crap out of first two.On the other, it would be nice to have'em all again...

OrangePowerz2982d ago

I will be replaying 1-3 before UC4 comes out and I would be more than happy if I could replay them with nice graphics on the PS4 instead of playing them again on my PS3.

3-4-52982d ago

* I want to play the Vita game, but I've never played the series.

If your going to introduce a new game in the series, and it's story driven, you need to reintroduce that IP to the people who haven't played it yet.

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MrSwankSinatra2982d ago

For Uncharted 2 Multiplayer alone? You bet your sweet gluteus maximus I would.

FallenRain2982d ago

I would.

Uncharted 4 is one of the PS4's biggest releases and not being able to enjoy it because I never played the others would kind of suck. I'm sure Sony is aware a lot of people went from 360 to PS4 so I feel like an Uncharted trilogy remaster is in the works.

johndoe112112982d ago

This is exactly why remastered exclusives makes all the sense in the world. Multiplatform exclusives, not so much.