Would you buy GTA V again on PC for £26.34?

Dealspwn: GTA V's April 14th release date is drawing ever closer and we can't wait. We've been through all the prices and we've found the very cheapest one for you at £26.34, which is £6.50 than the next best deal. Knock the store's default £30.99 price down to £26.34 via the facebook discount offer by clicking the link header on their site.

This new version really is the definitive edition many of us have been waiting for. Hell, it makes the PS4/XO re-releases look rubbish thanks to better textures, a slicker frame-rate and significantly improved lighting. As ever though, it's the prospects of pure insanity that the modding community will come up with that we're most excited to see.

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AudioEppa1755d ago

Nope. Already got it on ps4 and i don't play games on pc.

Question answered :)

But if i did, that would be a sweet price and I would buy it.