The Problem With Digital Downloads

I'm just going to get this off my chest right off the bat. I'm not at all against digital downloads in fact I have a 1 Terabyte hard drive plugged into my Xbox One for my downloads. This is nothing to do with pricing or the size of the downloads either.

The problem lies when you finish a game... What do you do with it then? Let it rot forever on the servers, that's what.

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MrSwankSinatra1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

TBH I used to be a huge advocate for physical gaming, but as of late i've been buying half of gaming purchases digitally.

For instance I bought Majora's Mask 3D physically, but bought TLoU Remastered digitally. I bought Bloodborne physically, but will be buying MKX digitally. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided & Final Fantasy XV I will be buying physically, but will be buying Uncharted 4 & Batman: Arkham Knight digitally.

The games I care most about are the ones I want to preserve in my physical game collection, while the ones I care the least about I'll just buy digitally.

PsylentKiller1753d ago

That's funny, I buy digital games the exact opposite way. The games I don't care about, I buy physically but the games I do care about I buy digitally.
My reasoning is that if I really like the game, I'll want access to it all the time. Ready to go at a moments notice. E.g. Wife taking to long in the shower, resume BloodBorne and kill a few monsters. Maybe your watching TV waiting for the Hockey game to start, hello Ori and the Blind Forest.
I don't buy sports games digitally cause they improve very little from year to year. Plus, I subscribe to EA access if I want to play some football. Interestingly, though, I buy CoD every year digitally but barely play it. I think it's cause my brother only plays CoD, so when he's on I like to get a few games in with him. Digital Downloads make that easy as well. Someone you know pops on and you can have the same game loaded up in seconds.

breakpad1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

i only buy physically the games ..digitally for some reason doesnt give the ownership of your copy..if they close/update the server or net ..all your library may vanish ... this doesnt happen wiht your physical copy

Highlife1752d ago

I buy digital for this reason local co-op on two ps4s for the price of one game. Can't do this when you buy physical copy. Did this with dying light I play in the game room and the wife is on the main tv.

ThePope1753d ago

I buy all sports and FPS games digitally as I always play those. All SP games I buy physically.

medman1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

I don't buy any games digitally unless there is no option and the game is offered digital download only. In a perfect world, digital only is great. But there are too many issues with bandwidth, network crashes, not to mention the big issue the author brings up, no trade in value. For example, I bought The Order:1886 and enjoyed it, playing it through twice. But when I'm finished, that's it...I have no desire to return to it. If I bought it digitally, it just sits there, or I could delete it to free up disc space if necessary, but it no longer benefits me. But with my physical copy, I shipped it off to Amazon and they gave me 39 bucks for it. That's 39 bucks that was put toward Bloodborne, or could have been put toward another game/book/movie/product/whatev er. Now, I spend alot of money on my hobbies, and 39 dollars is 39 dollars. I'll take it. Until digital offers a comparable option, for me, it remains far behind physical because it costs the gamer money. If I added up all the games I trade back in over the course of a year, the total is in the hundreds of dollars. I generally only keep the games that I consider classics, to revisit in future months/years. So no thanks digital, I'll take that money back in pocket every day of the week, thanks.

iamnsuperman1753d ago

Selling digital games is a lovely idea but ultimately not entirely feasible (especially if you sell it back). Why would Sony or Microsoft buy back a game they have an infinite supply of. They could sell it at a discounted price but the product is still new and really that is just a normal sale. I guess a market place could be established but this would be antiproductive for sony and Microsoft on their closed platform.

It is always the pitfalls of going digital but I have stopped caring now. Like you mentioned the convince of downloading it is far easier than going out to get it/getting it delievered (especially when prices are similar to that of retail; something that hasn't truly happened yet and is stalling the digital game revolution). I am finding myself downloading more and more big games

aaronism1753d ago

I understand where you're coming from but, this is why the DD market is failing for full games because you are stuck with a game you no longer want

Mustang300C20121753d ago

No different than PC gamers stuck with a game they no longer wanted on disc or digital. Nothing new here.

1753d ago
Bowzabub1753d ago

Maybe a loyalty system? Say if you buy 5 games digitally full priced get $10 off of next purchase. That would definitely work.

Gamer19821753d ago

The problem we got rigth now is not enough buy digitally but thats slowly changing and in a few years digital will be strong enough to tackle hard copys. See right now Sony and MS don't want to p*ss off the brick and mortar stores who sell hard copys of games by making digital games cheaper which they could easily do. They could remove that overhead associated with hard copys (transport, staff, shop costs, warehouse costs. etc) and pass the savings on to you. The reason they dont and Digital games aren't released at £40 instead of £60 whcih ends up more than retail is because of the damage it would cause to shops. Once digital is strong enough they don't need shops to sell games anymore they can cut them overheads.

you might ask why would they do that as digital will be strong enough and that's easy as that leads to increased sales. The reason digital is getting so strong is because of sales on the stores. I bought BF4 with premium just recently for £22.50 I would never have bought that at launch but thats an extra £20 in EAs pocket and probably £2.50 for Sony. Money they would never have got through a hard copy as you cant find a new copy around anymore and they make nothing from pre-owned.

RedCloud881753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

Microsoft has the myVip system in their rewards that kind of does that. I am Four Star, and I get 8% back every rewards period.

Edit: thought I had hit five stars and ten percent back, I was mistaken.

Gamer19821753d ago

Lets be fair this has stemmed from trading in this topic and we are spoiled to be allowed to trade games. Instead of trading games I would prefer a game share of some sort so I could borrow a game in my library out in order for one back or some system similar to steams. Where I get access to a friend library when he's not on his system.
This would be better than trading as your games would get used and you and friends would get access to games you wouldn't normally buy and can try.
MS wanted something like this at the beginning of the generation but the world was not ready for this and it cost them big time. But as digital grows we will see something and maybe get those 30 minute plays of a friends games to try games. I would prefer the STEAM way though which is MUCH better.


How is it being spoiled by being allowed to trade in games..

I can trade in old music, videos, dvd's, blurays... I can trade in clothes, car's, bikes, fridges... you name it.

Why are games a privilege to be allowed to trade in? I would rather trade a game any day then share a digital library.

Still pushing the old MS saw the future, please let it go, just let it go..

Father__Merrin1753d ago

I'm in 100% support of digital titles aka humble bundle, indiegala, bundlestars

where as you get a bargain irrespective if it's gonna be a 20gb download or not. I also support deals online for keys ie I bought bioshock triple pack for only £4.99

but digital day one titles ie full price it's simply not worth it at least with a physical you can sell or trade on, with digital only your purchase is like the author said just stuck on the server which you wouldn't mind too much if you got 5 keys for £1.99, but a new retail title £39.99 going digital it's something I would never do

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