What you'll need to run GTA 5 PC in 4K

Rockstar has already outlined the minimum and recommended system requirements for Grand Theft Auto 5. What does that mean in real terms, though? To find out, we asked Rockstar what players would need to run the game at 4K resolutions.

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decrypt1381d ago

"AMD HD 7870 or Nvidia GTX 760 with 2GB of VRAM"

Very modest requirements. Though for 4k 60fps i would think atleast a GTX 970 would be required.

Whats surprising is though PS4 comes with a 7850 equivalent GPU yet only manages to play this game at 1080p 30fps, which is a huge step down from the 4k resolution 7870 can play on the PC. Yet all the time we get to hear about how consoles have great optimization, the claim just doesnt add up.

Nekroo911381d ago

You made a good point , probably because it is cpu intensive just like gta 4 on pc and consoles have low end cpus.

ooquis1381d ago

If there was no Xbox one version it would have been a different story all together.

reynod1381d ago

How so? sure in console terms PS4 is more powerful than the XB1, however console gamers tend to blow the differences out of proportion.

In PC hardware terms the differences between PS4 and Xb1 would be considered minimal. PS4 has more foliage and better lense flair effects, not to mention a more stable frame rate. The minimal performance difference between the consoles justifies this improvement. I just dont see how the PS4 version could have been any better had there been on XB1 version.

Its not like even PS4 exclusives run better than 1080 30fps.

Volkama1381d ago

The power of the PS4 would definitely change the story. It's probably got enough teraflops of power to add at least one major plot twist. Maybe add some zombies or cyborgs near the end or something.

Captain_TomAN941381d ago

@Reynod. Except that in PC hardware terms the difference is MASSIVE. It is the same difference between the 7870 and 7770. The 7870 launched at $350 and the 7770 launched at $160.

So MS was trying to sell a $160 GPU for the price of a $350 GPU. That's f*cked up!

JsonHenry1381d ago

The problem is the CPUs in the consoles are very low end by current day standards. The GPUs in them, though midling at best, is still leaps and bounds above the CPUs they added to the consoles. Too bad they didn't just go with standard Intel or AMD CPUs. Even a 4 core-Intel or one of the cheaper Phenom 4-cores from AMD would have been better than the slow hexa-cores they put in the systems.

And given what the games look like on the consoles I would say that they are very optimized. The consoles are pulling off much better visuals than what a PC of the same power package would be able to pull off.


Resolution is not everything, a 7870 cant run GTA V @ 4k with the settings that the PS4 and X1 have set (Textures, Lighting, Shadows, Draw distance, Occlusion, Tessellation, AF, etc.) In short a 7870 can't run "High" settings at 4k... Plus the CPU side of these consoles are limited as well (PS4 8core 1.6ghz - X1 8core 1.75ghz)

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PCGamingNoobs1381d ago

i say lets wait and see how well its been "ported" onto PC and if it is utilized well. we all know about GTA IV on pc...

KTF261381d ago

They confirmed the team responsible for this port is the same team who ported Max Payne 3
It should be near perfect port

Vegamyster1381d ago

"According to Rockstar, the recommended specifications are based on hardware that can run the game at 1080p, at 60 frames-per-second. For that, Rockstar suggest a Nvidia GTX 660 2GB or AMD HD7870 2GB."

I doubt they'll make the same mistake twice, if the above is true then i'll be very happy.

bunt-custardly1381d ago

Agreed Decrypt, very modest indeed. What's actually more awesome about this news is how out of the gate GTA V will support Xfire and SLI set ups.

upload4201381d ago

I wonder if my Titan X will run it maxed 1440p 60fps. If not i guess I might need to get a second.

specialguest1381d ago

Well it achieved 4k ultra settings at 50fps on Watch Dog. So probably around that level for GTA5.

sourav931381d ago

Is that a troll comment? Or are you flaunting the fact that you've got a Titan X and have more cash to burn on a second one? Because given them fact that a GTX 760 can run this on 4K at 30fps, whereas the Titan X can run most games around 50 to 60fps at 4K..The Titan X shouldn't even sweat running this on 1440p at 60fps.

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