The Witcher 3 speedrun takes devs 25 hours

GR-UK writes: "A speedrun of a still-sizeable 25 hours is the time to beat, according to CD Projekt Red themselves. Talking to the developer during the Frankfurt leg of Bandai Namco's Level Up event this week, Gamereactor Germany were told that even the fastest of the internal testers took 25 hours to complete the story. That's taking the best route, clicking through all dialogues - and knowing the game inside and out."

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averagejoe261748d ago

Don't worry.

Someone will find a way to do in 41 minutes.

mikeslemonade1748d ago

Speedrunning is lame. Go find a different hobby!

ArchangelMike1748d ago

Exactly. It's like watching a film in fastforward and then boasting about it - how dumb would that be!!!

Cernunnos1748d ago

Depends on the game imo. Crash Bandicoot 2 speedruns are amazing to watch. The world record required sick amounts of skill.

DARK WITNESS1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

@ ArchangeIMike

Or like watching someone do an "amazing rap" version of a film.

Like the Amazing Preditor rap. They managed to sum up the whole film in 6 min


sadly the original was taken down I think, they actually had it matching the footage to the film.

Anyway, I guess I brought it up because some speed runs can be fun to watch.

Bluebird81748d ago

the entire point of having a hobby is doing something you enjoy. Giving in to presure from the likes of you is the cause of much unhappines in the world. Live and let live.

Hellsvacancy1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Or just let people do as they wish, within reason

Magicite1748d ago

You can do speedrun when uve completed the game at least once.

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ehrippura1748d ago

It's bugs run...not speedrun

ServerBOT1748d ago

Yeah thats what it seems these days.
Mainly using glitches to skip whole areas or whatever.
Speed runs should be played without having to use glitches.

creeping judas1748d ago

@ ehrippura I think you are correct, they said one of their testers did the speed run. Not someone who needs a new hobby like the comments from above. This is his job, not his hobby.

Ghoul1748d ago

or glitchrun, so true what you said, i dunno when i saw a speedrun without using bugs and glitches

Articuno761748d ago

And by speedrun they really do speedrun, not a no-frills playthrough. TBH I'm more concerned that the game might be too long/too big and filled with bloat than the opposite!

MasterCornholio1748d ago

Ive heard some people complain about Dragon Age Inquisition for that very same reason.

ArchangelMike1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

The difference is that Dragon Age Inquisition was filled with hundreds of fetch quests. CDPR have promised that theyre will be virtually no fetch quests in The Witcher 3. That means that the 50hrs+ of sidequests will be more meaningful than the usual "collects 100 feathers" quests.

WellyUK1748d ago

ye i haven't finished it due to this as i wanted to do everything but it just made the game boring and now i can't be bothered finishing it.

stamps16461748d ago

Shard collecting is the worst thing about DAI.

OB1Biker1748d ago

If the game is great Im fine with it lasting 'forever' and no pressure to finish it.

I ll be playing this game all year and coming back to it regularly, same for a few other games.

mad-dog1748d ago

The length of a game means nothing to me.
Neither does a statement from a dev regarding length.

andibandit1748d ago

So hypothetically speaking, you'd actually play a game that was 5 seconds long?

andibandit1746d ago

sorry but i just dont believe that, I find that all elements must be present to make a game great.

Mikefizzled1748d ago

I feel sorry for the poor soul who takes this game to next year AGDQ.

Sokol1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Just for the sake of pumping your chest and shouting:'Look at me! I beat the game in 25 hours'...

I will never understand, is a minute of 'fame' really worth the frustrating speed runs? You miss so much for the game and what it offers..

Articuno761748d ago

Speedrunners don't speedrun their first playthrough. It doesn't make sense to since you can't know the game well enough to speedrun it effectively.

creeping judas1748d ago

@sokol, it was an internal tester who did the speedrun, not some person off the street.

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