IGN: E3 '08: Wii Music Hands-On

Miyamoto had a chance to show the game off on stage today, in what ended up being one of the largest segments of the show. While the new Wii Sports Resort was extremely impressive despite its obvious simplicity – seriously, once you play sword fighting, you'll be hooked – Wii Music just didn't seem right on stage, and IGN found out first hand just how odd the title was on the showroom floor a short hour later.

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Ballistic Jay3962d ago

man, when i saw that demonstration of the game i thought it looked really really gimmicky.

Azailexx3962d ago

i thought it would be neat.. i mean i love next gen systems, but the wii makes casual games, so to me its no big deal.

BrotherNick3962d ago

lawl, that's all I can say.