Sony's Latest Email Campaign Wants to Send You to E3 2015

From the original PlayStation console to the PlayStation®4, through motion controls, Remote Play, Share Play and into the future of virtual reality, PlayStation has always been a force for innovation. They’ll never stop pushing the boundaries to keep PlayStation The Best Place To Play.

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ibrake4naps1750d ago

How u get so many bubbles?!

Relientk771750d ago

^He's right

By blowing... in a glass of milk

Blurmobjet1750d ago

Um...Sony EU, right?

Thanks for the heads up...

Anyone have word for a similar promotion from Sony America?

THC CELL1750d ago

Going with work but will try win for me friend to come

CernaML1750d ago

Hopefully they have another "first come first serve" chance on the day of their press conference in Los Angeles. Just need an ice chest, a tent and a sleeping bag. :3

justlikeme1750d ago

And I want them to send me!

kratoz12091750d ago

Argh 😞 I live in Australia would be awesome to go to e3 at least once in my life.

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The story is too old to be commented.