Youtubers, it’s time to walk away from Nintendo

Nintendo has spent a good chunk of its existence dropping the ball, but this time they have gone to far and gamers need to take a stand.

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WilliamUsher1748d ago

But isn't it possible to just not monetize Nintendo videos and keep monetizing everything else? Does it really have to be all or nothing?

ps4gamer19831748d ago

Depends. If they are protesting, then this could get Nintendo's attention. The average person will keep doing it. But those who monetize will stop and that sucks because it helps promote games for conpanies.

Dhampir1748d ago

No it doesn't. Those who defend youtubers seem to think that it's free advertising, and Nintendo is just too dumb to realize it. This article tries to make this out like it affects reviews.


It's people who record themselves playing a video game, then just upload it to youtube for money. It's funny how people want to moan about EA and Ubisoft wanting more money, but they pay for the games to be made.

At least Joe's encyclopedia dramatica page is entertaining. More than his skits and twitter wars he has for attention.

HammadTheBeast1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )


The stats show that the videos about the game DO increase sales, so yes, it is advertising, and Nintendo wants people to basically play to advertise them. So the right way to protest would be to refuse to advertise them, ala stop making Nintendo videos.

The thing is, the more you let companies push you around, the more you get screwed. They're in it for the money, they don't care about you or the fans, and if they play rough, you gotta play rough back.

Tapani1748d ago


Can you show me the stats, please?

nX1748d ago

Nintendo's management is so backwards it's just ridiculous.

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AngelicIceDiamond1748d ago

The only thing that I'm afraid of is if this catches on. What if EA, Ubisoft, Capcome, Square, Acti, Sony or MS start doing this?

I get it, The Wii U isn't a strong seller and you need to make money somehow.

But that what those Amibo's are for right? So why patrol Youtoubers who are promoting your game, trying to sell your game and even the console?

Nintendo had some screw ups in the past but DAMN.

crazychris41241748d ago

EA is paying a bunch of channels so they won't do it.

Tiqila1748d ago

does not matter. if all are doing it, youtubers will either pay them their share or just not monetize their videos.

this is the same for music. you can't use a song without a license in one of your videos and sell that video.

DC7771748d ago

Then maybe people will finally realize nobody should be making money off some idiot posting a video of their ugly face on YouTube, nor should the idiot making it.

You guys have really fallen down a well with this shit.

3-4-51748d ago

This Nintendo "story" is the flavor of the month for the Video Game "journalists".

By the time Mid may rolls around this won't even be in the top 5 most talked about things.

JOWAPPO1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

"By the time Mid may rolls around this won't even be in the top 5 most talked about things."

With that attitude, you're most certainly, and sadly, correct. But then again, that just about sums up most "gamers". The majority of us, notorious for lacking the motivation to do anything right about anything wrong.

We're so well adjusted to sticking our heads in the sand, that the only time we come up for air is to tell other gamers to shut up and put on a snorkel.

It's how millions of Xbox fans were able to go full-frontal lobotomy in defending the Xbox One way back when. With arguments meant to discredit, trivialize and invalidate, and if all else fails, reinforce the fact that our complaints won't change anything.

This issue will more than likely disappear in the months to come, but only because of everything that's wrong with those who claim to truly care about Nintendo or anything beyond themselves in gaming.

They need our pity, and our help.

But mostly our pity.

N0TaB0T1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Exposure is efficient.

WelkinCole1748d ago

For some of them it is not worth it with the split because the ad revenue they went in knowing to be viable will not be enough for their cost.

Imagine going into business and you calculated a certain amount of revenue to cover your cost and make a profit but then suddenly find out later that that revenue will be cut in half.

Bigger personalities like Angry Joe will be fine because he already has a big following but for the smaller guys/gals it will be hard and it will be even much harder if Sony and MS as well as other publishers follow suit which I think is what these youtubers are really more worried about.

In the end though I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. It is honestly not that big of a deal like most people are making it out to be.

GordonKnight1748d ago

Business is always changing and the top companies change with the business environment to keep their revenue up. It's a big part of business. If you are serious about youtubing as a business you had to see this coming and you should've planned for it.

There is NO CRYING in business! PERIOD

ChickeyCantor1748d ago

Every video they make takes time. It's an investment from which they want to see money in return. If they make Nintendo videos without monetizing they are wasting time and could have been working on a different video that will give them money.

3-4-51748d ago

* Somebody Prominent within the Video Game's industry is going to eventually shut Joe up and make him look like the fool he really is.

Then he will blame that person and try to rally everyone against them.

Angry Joe is an Attention Whooore.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1748d ago

Yup. They should walk away. Youtubers aren't the one to lose here. Nintendo is!

001748d ago

And this is why you don't make a living on something a fickle as YouTube.

badz1491748d ago

And you think that they are making money on Youtube solely because of Nintendo? LOL

They are making money on Youtube one way or another and Nintendo acknowledged that. That's why they want a piece of it too. These Youtubers aren't gonna bend over for that as there are tons of other stuff they can use without the publisher breathing on their neck asking for money!

Nintendo needs to realize that they are no longer the presence they once were in this industry where they dictate things. Now, they need every good publicity they can get but this move is a complete opposite of what they should be doing. These Youtubers aren't going anywhere but they will no longer promote anything Nintendo. It's Nintendo's loss!

001748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Actually what I'm saying is YouTube is financially fickle. These people do it because their livelihood depends on it, and now their all nervous at the fact Nintendo might start a trend and ruin their easy money.

And that's why they are all throwing a fit, they want to run a business and Nintendo is treating them like one.

Big_Game_Hunters1748d ago

Nintendo isn't the problem, its the trend, the idea that bothers them. When those happy Nintendo shareholders see profits from this, other shareholders will wonder they aren't making money from youtube.

badz1491748d ago

The more reason for them to ditch Nintendo altogether, isn't it? I don't think they will let Nintendo set a bad precedent for this. Nintendo can claim all their rights all they want but the easiest way is for these Youtube celebrities to leave Nintendo behind and just see how they like their royalty now when nobody is giving them anything!

HammadTheBeast1748d ago

YouTube's not something fickle anymore. It may have been early on, but its well enough established now that you can easily make a career out of it, just like any other media platform. Sure, its a risk, but so is every other media related career.

Lennoxb631748d ago

I've walked away from Nintendo since the Wii. Everything before that was great.

gamingpro1748d ago

The hate is strong for Nintendo. Wow. Makes you think if Nintendo is so rubbish at EVERYTHING as these haters/fanboys would have you believe, then why do they dedicate so much time just bash Nintendo? surely any normal person would spend more time doing something they enjoy.

Insecurities and delusions mixed with no life I assume.

badz1491748d ago

Talk about missing the point. Yeah, I mean you.

memnoch_871748d ago

Talk about not reading the article before posting. Opening line:

"Allow me to preface this tirade by saying that I love Nintendo, and that of the current-gen consoles, the Wii U is the unopposed champion for people who actually want to play games."

paul-p19881748d ago

Funnily enough, quite a lot of the youtubers this affects are actually Nintendo fans...