Flagship Studios: We're Not Dead! We Just Fired Everyone!

The past several days have been filled with speculation that 'Hellgate: London' developer Flagship Studios has closed its doors and that Flagship's parent company has taken over the rights of Hellgate: London. However, in a statement released by Flagship Studios, CEO Bill Roper explains that the development house founded by former Diablo II members has not shut down, but has laid off most of its workforce.

Roper also went on to explain that because of the troubled times at Flagship Studios, they will no longer be accepting new subscribers to 'Hellgate: London', but those who are already playing the game will now be playing for free.

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mercenarie3966d ago

luck trying to bounce back =]

pwnsause3966d ago

"We're Not Dead! We Just Fired Everyone!"


Tyrael3966d ago

Fired the Diablo 2 development team eh? Wonder where they'll go now...

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The story is too old to be commented.