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IGN - Continuing Sony’s 10-year tradition, MLB 15: The Show remains an excellent recreation of The Great American Pastime... but it’s a very safe one. There aren’t any groundbreaking new features that distinguish it from last year’s also-impressive MLB 14: The Show, but the minor adjustments to its batting and modes are welcomed. Relying heavily on its nearly perfected formula of gorgeous scenery, strong gameplay mechanics, and rewarding game modes, it’s fundamentally strong, but there’s not much by way of novelty to excite a returning fan like myself.

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chrismichaels041748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Very good score for MLB15 The Show.

Bloodborne - 9.1
HellDivers - 9.0
MLB15 The Show - 8.5

Good month for PS4 exclusives on IGN.

vishmarx1748d ago

doesnt count, not holiday season yet

SmielmaN1748d ago

Lol. Bubs up: funny.

Really though, these baseball games are exceptional. When I'm done with the punishment of bloodborne I'll be moving into this before batman comes out. Wow, great year for gaming so far.

badz1491748d ago


OMG! Shots fired!

chrismichaels041748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

@Vishmarx - I have to give it to you. You made me laugh with that one. I get where youre coming from though. It seems like certain members of the gaming community think only November counts and ignores the other 11 months out of the year.

Letthewookiewin1747d ago

Well my X1 plays the best exclusive ever called Collecting Dust. It's a great game where it sits and collects dust. GOTY!

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Ozmoses1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Don't forget Apotheon.....

It might have been a PS+ game and it's also on PC...

but Apotheon is also one of the best games on PS4 that isn't on Xbox One..

2d side-scrolling heaven... if you want a metroid/castlevania game than you should check out Apotheon... Rated 9.0 by Game Informer and was the Game of the Month in the April edition of Game Informer...

Indies for the win....

but yeah I'm loving The Show this year... I'm playing 2nd Base for the Atlanta Braves... I'm trying to get traded to the Orioles though!!!! It definitely a good game to release the tension from playing Bloodborne

Magicite1747d ago

Just wait for Witcher and Batman and biggest thing - MGS5!

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JMaine5181748d ago

I'll be picking this up this month! Lets Go Mets!

LA_Zeo1748d ago

I gave you a upvote for wanting to pick up the game but being from Philly I can't agree with the whole " go mets" thing.

Number-Nine1748d ago

:( we know they're gonna stink this year. but Harvey is back!

spektical1748d ago

i love it.|

Has anyone been able to transfer mlb14 vita to ps4 mlb15? it doesnt work for me ...

kparks1748d ago

Didnt have it on vita had 14 on ps4 so mine was easy, my buddy had to save his ps3 version to the cloud in order to get it to the ps4 not sure if that helps or not.

LA_Zeo1748d ago

I've just, just got done playing The Show and I disagree with the review score the game should be a 9 at least. Last yrs game was plagued with bugs as far as online and San Diego Studios have done a good job cleaning up that part of the game. As far as being safe thats not a bad thing. Basically most games takes the safe route in all genres and plus it's baseball what more can you ask for? The Show to me is by far the best sports sim and if your into B.B. you have to pick this yrs game up.

badz1491748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

I know, right? They also acknowledged that the gameplay mechanics are almost perfect for a baseball game and to be honest, there is not much you can improve if the standard is already THAT high! It's pretty much the only official MLB game on the market at the moment and there is no more appropriate time to use the term "the quality is unrivalled" than this!

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