E3 2008: Killzone 2 Progress Report

IGN: The last time I got my hands on Killzone 2, it was during Sony's judges event in Los Angeles and I took Sev up against a ton of Helghast attempting to overtake our convoy. I crash landed, pulled off some sick headshots, fired a rocket launcher, and used Sixaxis to twist a wheel to open a door. All in all, it was a good demo. When I picked up the controller in Sony's Los Angeles Convention Center this afternoon, I was a bit letdown to find out that I'd just be continuing the level I stopped in a few months ago.

Little did I know my socks were about to be knocked off.

sonarus5852d ago

IGN: How does this game keep getting better?

I really don't know. They pray and pray and pray for the downfall of this game but it just keeps telling off the nay sayers

GVON5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

after reading that and seeing the mp vids I've decided this game is going to be a lot of fun and is a nice way to kick off 09

Wildarmsjecht5852d ago

The game is looking fantastic in both graphics and gameplay. There will always be nay sayers and people detracting from it for no ACTUAL good reason at all, but it means nothing. The game is already proving itself.

Bolts5852d ago (Edited 5852d ago )

This game is looking totally boss. Other than the PC shooters there isn't anything that can come close to KZ 2 visuals. One thing I still can't get outta my mind no matter how often it's shown is how amazing the gun modeling looks. The blend of superb depth of view and super high detail modeling is simply untouchable. Its like gun p0rn heaven.

Just look at how good this gun look, that f@cking impossible.


Chad Warden5852d ago

Damn. So many sick looking multiplayer games coming to PS3 soon.

QueefyB5852d ago

as you can see killzone 2 will be a worldwide success

jkhan5852d ago

Pretty awesome preview. Sony did a good thing by delaying this game. Now there is more breathing space between Resistance 2 and Killzone 2, so by the time, people will be done by R2, Killzone 2 will be ready for them.;)

TheExecutive5852d ago

I LOVE the fact that this got delayed until february. Thats right folks I LOVE it.

This game is STILL 7 months from release and it looks this polished. Keep adding the goods GG this could turn out to be an instant classic.

Add features, polish and this game will be good if not great.

Real gamer 4 life5852d ago

It seem that killzone is finally being recognize as a good game.

Best graphic check
awesome gameplay check
crazyy a$$ multiplayer check

What else is left for the haters to complain about?