PlayStation Home Has Already Arrived on PS4, and It's Called Atom Universe

Push Square: "Sometimes the best surprises in life are the ones that you don't expect – but we'd give pause before describing Atom Universe as a pleasant shock. Suspiciously dropped onto the European PlayStation Store today with virtually zero fanfare, this is the next-gen social hovel that you've been yearning for ever since PlayStation Home shutdown last week – except it's currently single player only and very much a work in progress."

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Applejack1756d ago

I've been following their Kickstarter for sometime and it seems they're trying to make this game much greater than Home. Hopefully it turns out really good!

guitarded771755d ago

Let's hope so. I feel core Home users got the shaft by not having it carry over to PS4. A lot of people spent a LOT of money there just to have it all disappear. I know there were a lot of Home haters, but the faithful didn't care what others said... they were busy enjoying Home. And Sony said Home was a profit maker from the beginning. As long as this new game/thing doesn't restrict anything behind a paywall and makes its money off costumes and personal items/effects, it could be a great replacement. Also, they have to be committed to supporting it for an entire generation.

ZeroRaven1755d ago

It sucks when you spend money on an online only game or service and then one day it kicks the bucket. That's just how it is though. People should know what they are investing in. I remember reading a pretty sad article about Star Wars Galaxies shutting down, and all the players on the servers gathered around in one area and just chatted before it all went down.

MajorGecko1755d ago

@ZeroRaven that's like losing a loved one im glad my fav game of all time is still online(starcraft1) sucks those who lost there loved games!

AudioEppa1756d ago

I'm using my uk account to try this out.

lodossrage1756d ago

To be fair, this isn't the only thing coming to the PS4. There's Neotopia, Big City Stories, and a few others from the HOME developers. So Atom Universe is going to have some competition.

GutZ311756d ago

WTF did I just watch... LOL...

Glad to see them working on something, just hope it is better than HOME was. Judging by the video, it would look like a joke to me.

luis_spartano1756d ago

Thank God Sony shut down PS Home.

I always thought it was a waste of money and human resources that could have gone into making great AAA games.

KnownAsEpic1756d ago

PlayStation Home made a LOT of money for Sony

Machiavellian1756d ago

Its kind of hard to believe that something that makes a lot of money for Sony and developers get shutdown. Money making products do not get shutdown. I believe you all are believing the service made money but lets be honest, if it did, it would be on the PS4 or it would continue to run on the PS3.

I have no clue on the revenue or profit Sony made with home but a clear picture that it did not make Sony at least any money is the fact they have shut it down.

Spotie1756d ago

This sounds like one of those many comments that is from someone that is uninformed about PS Home.

lodossrage1756d ago

Someone doesn't know what they're talking about.

HOME made plenty of money for both Sony and the independent developers that worked on it.

Why do you think so many of them are creating their own Avatar worlds to put on the PS4? They KNOW they have an audience.

Condemnedman1755d ago

Yep making money from selling pointless stuff that had no use and it was full of perverts.

lodossrage1755d ago


What avatar world DOESN'T have that problem?

And I like how you call it pointless and useless, yet video games used to be classified the same way, as pointless and useless.

Just because YOU think something is pointless and/or useless doesn't mean everyone shares your opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.