10 Iconic Mortal Kombat Fighters That Make the Series Stand Out

The Mortal Kombat Series has had some interesting fighters throughout the years, here are some of the best.

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skydragoonity1749d ago

No way am i going through 10 pages

WizzroSupreme1749d ago

Sub-Zero is the coldest, most merciless heart that ever was.

Revolver_X_1748d ago

I'm definitely a Sub-Zero fanboy. Lin Kuei clan FTW!

Shonuff1748d ago

Y'all nerds. After a while, Raiden will bring the thunder down on you.

sovietsoldier1748d ago

and all but two are from the original MK. that says alot about a game when you see that it is such a masterpiece of gaming history that even decades later it still has major lasting appeal and the charters are a main focus.

RustyShackleford1748d ago

Really pumped for this game, soon!