Munchie Farm Cheats: 6 Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Munchie Farm offers a fresh new take on the classic harvesting or farming game. This iOS title, by East Side Games, puts you in a world where all types of junk food have been banned by the game’s arch-villain, the not-so-subtly named Food Inspector Dick. And as you join the snack rebellion, you’ll be planting Cookie Bushes, Nacho Trees, Weiner Bushes, and a variety of other “guilty pleasures” that you can actually plant in this strange little world. Of course, you’ll have to water your junk food plants and sell them to earn money, and trade commodities with your neighbors. Since we did tell you this isn’t your average farming game, here are some Munchie Farm cheats, tips and tricks to help you manage your junk food farm.

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