We Need To Keep Talking About Women’s Rights and LGBT Rights

Here's why we need to keep talking about Women's and LGBT's Rights in gaming.

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DigitallyAfflicted1755d ago

I don't think enforcing political corectnes in to a gaming world is a good idea but maybe we should get a special rating for offensive content and the option to switch it off if we don't want to see it.

Big_Game_Hunters1755d ago

And what rights exactly do women not have? Are we talking about the middle east or something?

Eonjay1755d ago

I think the whole poem thing was just silly. I think its easy for anyone to get offended, but why would you let people have that much control over you.

Perhaps, instead of glorifying insensitive comments, we can focus on examples where people are empowered.

I am not saying that you shouldn't speak up if you have an opinion, I just think that you get more milage out of positive stories if you want to be an activist journalist.

winterdaggr1748d ago

agreed. the more one say something is "bad" the more people will explore it and talk about it to find out why it's bad. keep talking about insensitive contents will just keep making it pop-up and the more they'll complain it's insensitive and nothing is settled until either side gives up or the better option, the people that are easily offended grow up and learn that they can't control other people.

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