Film Producer Plays Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Mentions “Gorgeous Gameplay, Epic worlds”

It's been a while since the last time we saw something of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but looks like some do manage to get some hands-on time.

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Walker1754d ago

UNCHARTED 4 is gonna be even better than UNCHARTED 2!!!

Abash1754d ago

I found Uncharted 3 even better than Uncharted 2

elazz1754d ago

Wow factor was bigger for U2 but to be honest I played them both at least 4x and enjoyed them equally.

deep_fried_bum_cake1754d ago

I enjoyed them equally too, but what made me enjoy Uncharted 3 a bit more than 2 was that it was the most grounded in reality. No Nazi zombies or big blue monsters. Plus I enjoyed the story focusing on Drake and Sully's relationship.

SamPao1754d ago

@deep_fried Well I like it better when it has supernatural stuff.

iamnsuperman1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Nah. Story wise it was a lot weaker. At one point Drake had to point out how convenient it was he appeared in the right place (after the boat level). That is poor storytelling. It did have some amazing set pieces but too much emphasises was put on this. U2 had a perfect balance

One thing I would say is the underlying theme of U3 was interesting g. It is just a shame they didn't feed that well into the rest of the plot

Sarah_Ch1753d ago

The only thing Ioved about uncharted 3 was the graphics and The Gameplay was a lil improved otherwise uncharted 2 way better

ooquis1753d ago

Dude Uncharted 3 was epic, didn't even Finnish uncharted 2. And it's interesting to c how many people think other wise.

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SoapShoes1754d ago

Dude you could tell it was epic from the gameplay at PSX. It really expands upon the formula.

umair_s511754d ago

immersion ? maybe under water sections ......

SamPao1754d ago

Morpheus. Now that I think about it. What game would be better to promote Morpheus than one of their biggest franchises?
It also got a early 2015 release date

hells_supernova1754d ago

Star Wars battlefront would be better

kraenk121754d ago

Sorry to bring this to you but Morpheus doesn't really work with 3rd person games.

WeAreLegion1753d ago

Morpheus and all VR headsets work fine with 3rd person, honestly. There are a few 3rd person games out there for Oculus.

Abriael1754d ago

I think that's just a figure of speech.

Sevir1754d ago

she's saying she can't wait for the full experience...

S2Killinit1754d ago

good to hear. Can't wait. Above all else, it looked like it was fun. Its always been fun to experience these "uncharted" mysterious lands in Uncharted. It makes you feel like you are un an adventure, or you're a pirate or something. But now it seems like the shooting scenarios are much better done than even before.

Bathyj1754d ago

Why dont they give us demos anymore? It would make the still year long wait a bit more bearable.

I would play that section over and over doing it different ways and messing with the AI regardless of lack of any story or context.

I think I played both the Metal Gear Solid 2 and Devil May Cry demos for more hours than I played the actual games. Demos can be highly addictive because they leave you wanting more so you just keep doing it again and again.

johndoe112111754d ago

What, in the name of God, is there to disagree with in your comment??? What is wrong with some people on this site???

kraenk121754d ago

It's completely unrealistic to ask for a demo a year before release...

Bathyj1754d ago

Why, they obviously have a demo ready. Why not give it out. Make it a preorder or PS+ perk if you want, who wouldnt get that? Or bundle it with Uncharted Remastered. Id buy it.

And Zone of Enders came out a year before Metal Gear Solid 2 in Europe (23.3.2001, 8.3.2002 respectively) although MGS did come out earlier in the US (remember when us PAL regions used to get shafted like that?)

WeAreLegion1753d ago

You'll find that people just like to disagree when they don't like a user or a specific platform. Xbox fans. PlayStation fans. Nintendo fans. PC fans. You'll see it everywhere on here. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to enjoy myself and I can't seem to get more than 3 bubbles. I've been on here since 05. I have no idea how to get more bubbles.

UltraNova1753d ago (Edited 1753d ago )

@we are legion

"I've been on here since 05. I have no idea how to get more bubbles."

Ahh create multiple accounts maybe?

Other than that I have absolutely no idea how to answer your question...considering logic, honest opinion and facts tend to cost bubbles let alone grant you one.

Bathyj1752d ago (Edited 1752d ago )

Wait, WHAT?!?! Someone here doesnt LIKE ME ?

Im shocked, absolutely shocked. Well, not that shocked. But it does seem like a lot of disagrees for just asking for a demo, which I think we would all love.

I think most of you would like me if we met over a beer, but in a place like this someone preferring blue to green is reason enough not to like them, and vice versa.

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