How to Defeat the Pthumerian Descendant in Bloodborne

Considering that you've probably fought at least one dozen of Bloodborne's brutal bosses by now, you probably know the basic patterns and strategies necessary for success. Locking-on, side-stepping, roll-dodging, attacking the boss's back, and spamming Blood Vials generally lead to success. However, what if there was a way to beat a boss without letting them unleash a single attack?

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KiwiViper851746d ago

Damn, theres a lot of these "How to beat ..... boss on bloodborne" articles.

I havn't watched any videos but taking a stab in the dark that the key is: Dodge, Swing. Dodge, Swing.

Insomnia_841745d ago

If it only was as simple as it sounds.

uptownsoul1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Exactly!!! It always seem so simple when its just written down…But when it comes to actually doing it, well...

nucky641745d ago

if you think it's that simple, you haven't played very much of the game.

DarXyde1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

This boss wasn't really tough. I'm surprised they felt obligated to make a video for it. For the record though, "dodge, swing, Dodge, swing" in theory sounds easy... But if you'd be so kind, try that on Abhorrent Beast and let me know how it goes. I was level 180 and i'm still on my first play through (obviously, I could've beaten it already) and he's a bit of a nightmare even then.

TheJacksonRGN1745d ago

Not everyone will have an easy time. Remember that. Even if most of us found it easy, there will always be at least one person who needs helps.

Just how it is.

2pacalypsenow1745d ago

that works until the boss double attacks and hits you anyways

KiwiViper851745d ago

Dodge, dodge, swing?

Just kidding.

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llxKonanxll1746d ago

After some trial and error I decided to go the parry/visc. attack route. Best possible way to beat him if you're at the depth 5 dungeon.

NeonEnigma1745d ago

Does anyone know if you can summon random coop partners in the Chalice Dungeons? I have tried more than 15 times with no luck in the dungeons.. it has worked about every time in the main game world though. Also, do coop partners have access to blood vials? Because the majority have died within the first 45 seconds and i cant recall seeing any coop partner increase their health with blood vials.

Hanso1745d ago

it works if you give your friends your dungeon password
you also have to set the dungeon to"open"

hangdang1745d ago

I'm stuck on the damn dog in the cursed dungeon. Having your hp cut in half is a real bitch

ziggurcat1745d ago

defiled chalice dungeon is the worst. i had never gotten that frustrated with the souls series as much as i did going through that nonsense. i spent over two hours on the watchdog in that dungeon because every single time he killed me, it was because of a surprise lunge attack out of nowhere. and the handful of times i did actually dodge that attack, a flame happened to touch the tip of my nose killing me in one shot.

nucky641745d ago

yea - those 1 hit kills are seriously rage-inducing.....I ususally have to take a break after one of those.

hangdang1744d ago

I ended up beating the dog, but now stuck on Amygdala. I want that damn platinum!

ziggurcat1745d ago

it's possible to defeat a handful of bosses this way.

i just did it to father G last night in my NG+ run. 3 visceral attacks is all it took to kill him (especially if you have some runes that increase your visceral attack power).

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