How to Defeat the Watcher Chieftain and the Merciless Watchers in Bloodborne

The Shadows of Yharnam were annoying for one simple reason: there were three of them. If you thought that Bloodborne was done with having multiple bosses take the place of a single boss, think again, as the Chalice Dungeon-based Watchers combine their talents to overwhelm their opponents.

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ninsigma1748d ago

The shadows of yharnam were easy as long as
You take out the fireball guy first. After that just make sure to watch out for those snake arms and to roll when the giant snakes appear.

As for the watchers, I'm assuming the bosses from chalice dungeons appear again in later dungeons and become the dificulty of that dungeon. Because I was quite op when I found them in like the second dungeon I did and took each one out with a couple of hits each.