Destructoid E3 08: Project Origin hands-on

Destructoid's Reverend Anthony writes:

"If you played and enjoyed FEAR, but were irritated at the PDA-driven story and repetitive office environments, then congratulations: you are officially qualified to annoy the community manager for Project Origin, the sequel to FEAR.

Of course, he was very gracious and kind when I asked him, in a not at all subtle or generous tone, whether the entire goddamned game would be taking place in office buildings once again, but one could sense a silent, almost invisible irritation. The moment after I spoke, I realized that (probably) nearly every single person who approached the Project Origin demo today had the exact same condescending-complaint-phrased-as-a-question, and took great relish in throwing it out to celebrate what they assumed to be their own immaculately critical eye.

After I mentally (but not verbally) apologized, I played the demo.

Hit the jump for my impressions."

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