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IGN - Every Major League Baseball team starts the season with the same record, but it doesn't take long to know whether a team will be a contender or a cellar-dweller. With RBI Baseball 15, I knew a championship wasn't in the cards after my second at-bat.

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gangsta_red1754d ago

Since this is the only baseball game (AND an exclusive) for Xbox One, MS should have partly funded and dumped some money into the development of this game to make it more than just an arcade downloadable.

gangsta_red1754d ago

I'm guessing since the tag up top says Xbox One only...

But going to their homepage it says that it's also available on PS4. So I guess not...

KiwiViper851754d ago

I just checked too, It's also on IPhone, which explains some of the poor gameplay decisions.

Microsoft definitely needs a Baseball game tho. And I'm all the way from NZ, no interest in Baseball, but even I can see a huge missed opportunity, and a gaping hole in Xbox One's lineup.

gangsta_red1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

Yes, saw that does explain the look of the game also.

Definitely, MS wanting to grab some of that US market they should definitely step up their sports video game catalog.

They should be going to EA or better yet 2k and funding an exclusive Football (american football), Baseball and Basketball game. Throw in a snap feature app that has your video game fantasy league update in real time as you play and I would be sold.