Bloodborne Guide: How to Complete the Alfred NPC Quest Line

Alfred is a hunter of the Wheel variety with an interesting quest line to follow through. Here's how to complete it.

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ashen1221747d ago

Of the wheel variety....hehe

Alexander1Nevermind1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Completed this quest last night. I promptly brought the queen back to life lol. Man I took out Matryr, the Alien Boss, Eileen and the one boss with the cage helmet. Last night was a good night.

I wonder if one can keep killing the queen then bring her back to life? If so does she yield blood echoes?

wakeNbake1746d ago

I got the wheel from him, but lets just say we didnt end on good terms....

mayberry1746d ago

I need to do this quest!

SmielmaN1746d ago

I am stuck on this martyr..... It's def the hardest fight I've faced so far in the game.

bmwfanatic1746d ago

Ring your bell and summon unless you wanna solo him.

Maxor1746d ago

Yup my limit is 5 attempts before I ring the bell. There is no reason not too.

SmielmaN1746d ago

I've actually never used the bell to fight with someone or comp. I'll have to give it a try. It's a damn pain ...

Master-H1746d ago

Parries are your friend, friend.

Attire with high arkane defense is good too (the Choir set is the best for this).

Alexander1Nevermind1746d ago

Matryr got me 4 times day before yesterday. Last night I came with blue elixers and took my time early to watch his moves instead of just going head to head. You don't have to parry just hit him twice then move out. 2 hit combos then dodge back.

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Maxor1746d ago

The wheel is nice. But it's pointless by the time you get it.

SpinalRemains1381746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

Initially I had no idea it drained you when you L2 trick it. So I'm slaying beasts and whatnot and then I dieded.

Nothing better than roaring after you slay your prey though!