Check Out Bloodborne’s New PS4 Theme and 28 NBA Dynamic Themes in Action

Here are videos of the new Bloodborne PS4 theme for European PS Plus users, and the 24 new NBA themes released on the North American Playstation Store.

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TheJacksonRGN1746d ago

Cool BB theme. Too bad the music isn't from the game.

Abriael1746d ago

Bit disappointing for me. if it was fully free, I'd be ok with it, but since it's given only to PS Plus users, at least custom music would have been appreciated.

AstroCyborg1746d ago

it is free the promotion they had before the game released to get a free theme was this same exact one

UKmilitia1746d ago

just let me make my own damn themes from in console like using sharefactory type app or something.

Viryu1746d ago

It's meh at best. Static themes continuing the easy way of just linking two wallpapers. If it had a custom music theme, like the FFXIV theme, that would be awesome.

FITgamer1746d ago

It's better than the one with white background. I'm still waiting on a dynamic one.

S2Killinit1746d ago

its nice. I like that it zooms in when he goes up.

Zenith4k1746d ago

Not sure if it's possible but can you join themes in ps store or remove them so you can't see them was looking for themes earlier and most of it was taken up by MLB

UKmilitia1746d ago

tell me about it dude,having to scroll down pages and pages because of MLB is so annoying.

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