Xbox's Spencer "Building Great Game Demos", Comments On Xbox Original Brute Force, Thanks Community

Xbox headman Phil Spencer has been busy on twitter lately and today hasn't been different for the head of the Xbox game division.
Spencer comments on a question regarding Xbox title Brute Force, thanks the community for their feedback and asks for more feedback.

Other good news is that Spencer tweets on how the Xbox teams are building great game demos for the upcoming shows.

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Relientk771746d ago

Phil you should bring Brute Force back

VER1ON1746d ago

Wouldnt mind a reboot either.concept was great.

Septic1746d ago

I didn't think it was all that. Completed it but it felt rather hollow.

bunt-custardly1746d ago

I still have my copy somewhere.

lifeisgamesok1746d ago

A next gen Brute Force would be phenomenal

I still remember the special powers each of them had and how different each member of the squad was

it was a fun game

no_more_heroes1746d ago

He doesn't sound like he was a fan of that game.

otherZinc1746d ago

I'd like to see Brute Force 2.
My cousin brought his XBOX over, we co-op link played Brute Force.

Let's go Phil, get a team on Brute Force 2.

OpieWinston1746d ago

I'd love Brute Force to be brought back but I know Phil is trying to diversify the franchise lineup a bit more. Adding another shooter when they've got two of the best (Halo/Gears) defeats the purpose in a way. But hopefully one day we see it get another shot.

BallsEye1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Loved 4 players split screen co op there! That's what console gaming is about! COUCH CO-OP! I'll take it anyday over better graphics.

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gangsta_red1746d ago

I remember Brute Force and I thought it was a great game. Seeing that make a comeback would be awesome.

MS should really focus on bringing a lot of their dormant IP's back from the dead, Brute Force is definitely one of them.

VER1ON1746d ago

In fact after having watched The trailer for it, I decided to grab the original Xbox over Sony's PS2 back then

Godz Kastro1746d ago


How did you go from one bubble to that many in such a short time frame?

slate911746d ago

Cause he spit dat truth

christocolus1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

He made some very intelligent and well said comments and also got a recommendation from the mods.

RiseofScorpio1746d ago

Like 3 weeks ago I'm sure I saw him with one bubble.

@Christo: yeah that explains it, good work red.

Pogmathoin1746d ago

Brute Force was a very fun game, but there was hype for it as a 3rd person Halo sized juggernauth.... It ended up as the good game, but people had much higher expectations. Still, a sequel would be very welcome!

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rainslacker1746d ago

I'm starting to wonder if they're trying to decide which one. Seems like once a month there is some comment about how much Phil would like to bring back a particular game, or asking the community what they think of a particular game.

Xbox does have a lot of good IP's under it's belt, but they went to long without utilizing them, so people who weren't into the original Xbox mostly don't know about them.

TheCommentator1746d ago

It's good to reboot an old game for it's fans, but make it fresh for today's gamers. Brute Force, Mech WARRIOR, Rallisport Challenge, Crimson Skies, Blood Wake, and Quantum Redshift all come to mind, not to mention aquired IP from Rare.

christocolus1746d ago

E3 is going to be awesome.

namEuser1746d ago

Yes, i would like to see Brute Force as well!

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The story is too old to be commented.