Exclusive KillZone 2 Hands On: Public Beta Confirmed!

In what is possibly the game of the E3 Expo this year, Sony have given G4tv an exclusive hands on preview of the game in where it was revealed, although momentarily, that more information about the game including Trophies will be revealed as the "Public Beta" nears.

Considering the reactions to this game's Multiplayer revelations, we can only expect the choreographer of Sony's mediocre Press Conference to be fired shortly within the next few hours. Why they never included this into their conference we'll never know, but they would have blown away the audience with KillZone 2

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Meus Renaissance3967d ago

Who thinks this game rocks? Give me a Hell Yea!

We've just been KillZowned

sonarus3967d ago

Public beta has been confirmed like 300 times. The question is when is public beta

TheExecutive3967d ago

the way the SP is turning out and the way that the MP is sounding I dont see how anyone, besides fanboys, would say this game doesnt rock.

Seriously, 32 player, squad based, badges, huge community support the multiplayer is sounding f*cking fantastic.

I give a big HELL YEAH

Burekman3967d ago

Hell yea. Best fu*kin' console graphix ever!

4skin3967d ago

How in the hell can they have a public beta? The game is still in pre-alpha.

fenderputty3967d ago

In the hours after the presentation, I have changed my mind.

Cant wait for Feb.

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Chad Warden3967d ago

I can't believe Sony left this out of their conference. Are they retarded? This looks freaking incredible.

jwatt3967d ago

Yea they should of had the MP video in the conference.

TheIneffableBob3967d ago

There was a short video of Killzone 2 at the conference.

Doppy3967d ago


LOL. About a 20 sec. clip

TheHater3967d ago

Public Beta? WTF. How do I get in? I can't wait

QueefyB3967d ago

HAHAHAHA today has been nothing but great news for the playstation population

QueefyB3967d ago

i wish i could fly because then i would be able to high five jesus for making such an amazing company that is sony

Bluejet3967d ago

LOL queefy that is seriously the best comment ever!

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The story is too old to be commented.