E3 08: MGS4 on 360 'impossible', says Sony

MCV: CEO of SCEA Jack Tretton talks up PS3's power as he shoots down this week's big rumour

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QueefyB3963d ago

obviously i mean have you ever seen an oven run a video game

Shaka2K63963d ago

LMAO Sony owns so hard.

stop begging for MGOTYS4 stupid xbugs you will never touch a AAAA game like MGOTYS4 only possible on PS3.

xbug 3rd60 couldnt handle more then 3 soldiers on screen without overheating and exploding in the xbugs ugly faces hahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaa.

Montrealien3963d ago

LOL, you guys are so funny, you just speak the truth and have so much logic my pants iron themselves, awesome. How do I become as cool and consistent as you guys?

QueefyB3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

hahaha this guy was crying in the forums today

Montrealien3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

You got a problem with me?? I challenge you to a rock off on PSN!

Choose you poison, Rock Band or Guitar hero, any song on expert, let's settle this like the geeks we are! You little fake account bubble booster you!

@atbubbleboosterboy below
That's all you got? man your pathetic, if your trolling skills are as good as your Guitar hero/Rock band skills I have nothing to worry about. But it won't happen, you are not real anyways and would never have the balls to accept a gamer challenge from anyone here on N4G.

theKiller3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

it was based from the ground to be a ps3 game and uses blue ray tech, FF13 also is similar but they didnt focus so much on the ps3 engine since FF13 was built on the white engine and white engine is a racist engine that suppose to support the 360! so it was very possible that FF13 to go to 360 and i even say FF VS 13 might go to 360 if sony doesnt secure it for their console!

Tommy Vercetti3963d ago

Are you mentally challenged? You consistently type incoherent mindless babble that betrays an unbelievable lack of intelligence. You are being ignored by 120 people. Keep trying for more fanboy. Another point. PS3 has one good game. Wow. It may end up on Xbox it may not. Who cares either way? No one but you it seems.

AngryTypingGuy3963d ago

Of course the Sony guy says it's not possible. It is possible, just not on one disc.

Veryangryxbot3963d ago

Its locked in black and white agreement/ contract. This game is PS3 EXCLUSIVE. Shiatas bots.

Bioshock now PS3 game. Oblivion now PS3 game. Kane and lynch now PS3. Left 4 dead now PS43 game. Eternal Sonata now PS3 game!


redki3962d ago

The 360 is more powerfull in gaming periode.
The 360 just needs blu ray or a 500gb HD.

MSG4 would be awesome on 360 with new content also.

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QueefyB3963d ago

hideo kojima is a big sony fanboy hahaha he doesnt like you microsoft deal with it

QueefyB3963d ago

without cell and blu ray the xbox 360 is basically a next gen frying pan

QueefyB3963d ago

oh i almost forgot the xbox 360 doesnt have a hard disk so it would only be able to run the credits of the game

Deadman643963d ago

why do you consistantly post x times in a row in every article? Are you just stupid?

QueefyB3963d ago

after the disastrous microsoft show yesterday i doubt konami would be interested in partnering with a failure

lawman11083963d ago

It only makes sence that just like FF MGS WILL come to the 360. It's $$$$$$$ fan boys and thats it. Hey, I bought it for the PS3 because I hve each system but you can wish in one hand and c.rap in the other and see what one fills up first.

digger183963d ago

@ Lawman "Being North America is the largest market in the world"

WRONG. Europe is and by a long way.

I had the link to this somewhere, must find it.