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Gamer Headlines writes: "With the ever-growing popularity and notoriety of its Souls series, From Software is one of the most reputable and beloved developers in the industry because of the level of polish put into their projects, its vastly engaging experiences that make you want to learn more beyond the games themselves and, of course, bringing in soul-crushing difficulty into the mix. Its latest effort Bloodborne, a sort of spiritual successor to the Souls games if you will, brings all of the aforementioned elements that made From’s titles so memorable, but tweaks and improves on established aspects to not make it feel like the same game with a macabre coat of paint on top of it. Bloodborne is a darker, more atmospheric and faster game that Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls, and stands tall against its predecessors, whether you’re a veteran of those games or just a newcomer wanting to get in on the amazing Action-RPG goodness that these games have been known for since 2009."

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Kingscorpion19811755d ago

Bloodborne is a Masterpiece!