Trial by Kombat: Mortal Kombat & Game of Thrones Mashup

Game of Thrones and Mortal Kombat X - are they so different? Killer warriors vying for the top, plenty of dismembered heads, and the occasional man-eating dragon (we’re looking at you, Liu Kang and Daenerys) – c’mon, this mashup writes itself!

Whether you’re waiting on bated breath for the new release of Mortal Kombat X or the premiere of Game of Thrones season 5 – or both, if you’re paying any attention at all! – feed your blood-lust with this epic telling of the day Game of Thrones spiraled into the old school, grainy stylings of the arcade-classic Mortal Kombat from the heyday of the 90s. Did we mention we rendered this whole thing with our Game of Thrones Legacy Action Figures?! What can we say; gratuitous violence and fatality scenes are our muse.

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