Japanese Snake voice actor asks people not to cancel Metal Gear Solid V: TPP pre-orders

As you know, at the end of last month Kojima's name and the Kojima Productions logo were suddenly removed from the official site and promotional images, supposedly as a result of Konami's restructuring - though a communication block is still in effect. The whole controversy even led to some people canceling their pre-orders.

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RealFry1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I paid it off in full a while ago since I trust Kojima's games to be top notch, TPP will be my Uncharted for the year and the restructuring of Konami dosen't change anything for the game so theres no point in cancelling.

ArchangelMike1747d ago

Exactly, it's a shame that Konami are screwing over Kojima, but I doubt anyone will be cancelling their pre-order. If anything thd controversy is likely to generate more hype and interest in the finished game. Especially as it might be the last true Metal Gear Solid game. Once Kojima leaves, whatever Konami do with the MGS IP just won't be the same.

kurruptor1747d ago

Did I miss something? How do we know Konami screwed him?

UltraNova1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

@ the guys above

3 things:

We don't actually know who screwed whom first,

Kojima will not be co-developing Silent Hills anynmore(darn shame),

and last but not least he wanted to leave for a while to go independent. He was hell bent on doing something else for years now. "This is my last MSG game" he repeated on several occasions, 3 MGS games in a row (I included the psp one between 4 and 5).

OT: Why cancel the preorder for last MGS game done by Kojima? If you are a true fan of the series its a one way street really and that's day one.

solid_snake36561747d ago

MGS5:TPP Is still a Kojima game, so I wanna support him by buying the game.

UNKLE1746d ago

You not gonna support kojima because he will leave after mgs5 release, you gonna support KONAMI!...

BC_Master_Haze1746d ago

^ you're right, kojima has made all the money he's going to as of now, anything from the game goes straight to Konami

rezzah1746d ago

Thats why ill hold off on my purchase. Buy it used.

solid_snake36561746d ago

@UNKLE I know he's going to leave after mgs5, but it is still his creation, so I'm going to support him by buying the game that he made. Even though the box may not say "A Hideo Kojima game" it is still his creation. But every other metal gear made by Konami after Kojima leaves , I will buy used.

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HIV-1747d ago

this is the last game created by kojima and will be probably the last truly mgs game before Konami starts milking the franchise by rushed releases and dlcs and crappy sequels.

I hope MGS does not go the way of resident evil...

Here's hoping kojima will create some other AAA game for us in the future

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

Oh...he will. I agree though, I see MGS going the RE route as Kojima is likely taking his team else where. Any publisher would bid to have Kojima do an IP for them.

assdan1747d ago

Exactly, TPP is still a Kojima game, he isn't departing until after the finish it. Now a MGS game without Kojima making it, I probably won't get.

Cy1747d ago

Agreed. There already is an MG game not made by Kojima called Revengence and it sucks. Not looking forward to anyone else getting their hands on the main series.

rainslacker1747d ago

Knowing Kojima, he'd still want people to buy it. He takes a lot of pride in his work, and I think he'd still like people to enjoy it.

Xman2K1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

Who knows, maybe the game is not near done and they are going to release it half-baked. Nothing Kojima has done before, but Konami definitely has. Maybe Konami pushed him to announce a premature release date

GamingSinceThe80s1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

My only fear is that this could all be over the something like him not thinking the game is complete or up to par for a MGS game and Komami wouldn't delay it, and allow any more time and money to go in to finshing it,and him saying "fine I quite take my name off that game because it's not my finshed work and I don't beleive in it." That said I too have it payed off and it's the $100 CE,and am going to let it ride also.It will "painful"if this game does not live up to the hype though.Fingers crossed.

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Batzi1747d ago

I don't think anyone is dumb enough to cancel on "A Hideo Kojima Game".

Ratty1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

I just want to know what the hell it's all really about before making any real judgement. They still haven't told us what's what.

At this point, the game is almost done so it's not like the recent changes will affect the final product. Thus, I see no reason to cancel my preorder. If it had been early in development, I probably would have canceled it.

That said, if it's Kojima's last MGS it's also my last MGS.

Batzi1747d ago

The game was complete by the time they announced the release date. In fact, they were in the testing phases. I am not worried about the content or the quality. Everybody knows that it's "A Hideo Kojima Game". Some probably aren't even aware about the fallout. They already marketed the shit out of this game and everyone is waiting for September 1st. This year's E3 is going to mark the 3rd consecutive where MGSV is shown. Never before has this been done to any other game.

hesido1746d ago

I'm very curious about seeing how they'll do the presentation for MGSV in E3.

Cernunnos1746d ago

@Batzi, that is actually false. MGS4 was teased all the way back at E3 2005. And was shown at all conescutive E3s up until release in 2008.

pompombrum1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

You'd also think Konami wouldn't be dumb enough to drive Kojima away from their company.. never underestimate the stupid.

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

LOL, though I agree, based on a business perspective, I can see why they are parting ways. Let me start off by saying i'm a HUGE Kojima fan!!! Already have this game paid in full for PS4.

But the fact of the matter is...Kojima has been working on this game since 2009 or so, consider AC Unity has been worked on since 2010 and released last year....and sold really, really well.

Now I would want this game to sell well, but MGS highest selling games is MGS2 at like 7 million.

But that was also on 1 system. MGSV is coming out on 5 systems. PC, PS4, PS3, XONE and 360, so it has what it takes to legit be the best selling MGS in history! EASY! But that now remains to be seen.

If it does well, Konami didn't have enough faith in him, if it does bad, they likely spent years on a title that didn't recoup the cost they thought it would.

The FOX engine took time, is being used else where and could be used on future MGS titles and other games bringing down time and cost on projects.

Even at a loss..I feel its a good investment as over time it will help with other titles.

Konami doesn't see this as Kojima does. Kojima is thinking like how Ubisoft and other teams are thinking, make an engine now and produce titles on it vs making a new engine....every time.

I can see how Konami might be pissed at how long this game took to release though, even with all the pluses that having a engine like FOX grants them.

hesido1746d ago

But they did a mid-term release near full price to offset development costs. But I'm beginning to think that was Konami's decision to release Ground Zeroes, I'm not familiar with Kojima interviews talking about this tho.

Muzikguy1747d ago

If Kojima is done making MGS games then I'm done buying them after this one. I'm anxious to see what's next for him

Bleucrunch1746d ago

I am a fan of Kojima productions NOT KONAMI. The publisher is ALWAYS the funny ones when it comes to the gaming world. As baised as this sounds and even without knowing all of the facts I will side with Kojima.

Have any of you ever heard of a publisher being in the right when it comes to the gaming world?? From EA to Activision all of those publishers are notorious for screwing us gamers over as well as the games they publish. Konami is no different in my opinion. If cancelling my pre-order sticks it to another Publisher then I am all for it. I do not mind the sacrafice if it towards a greater cause. I can't stand publishers and their arrogance. FUCK KONAMI!!!

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Number-Nine1747d ago

I bought the 100$ ce so im still in

Sniperwithacause1747d ago

Me too!
Can't wait for it to show up at my door step.

Akuma2K1747d ago

Same here, I got the collectors edition preordered and paid for and im not cancelling nothing.

1747d ago
OrangePowerz1747d ago

At least the Japanese get their real Snake. :(

Yi-Long1747d ago

I wish the western release would give us the option to choose the Japanese voices.

Cernunnos1746d ago

I'd choose Otsuka over Sutherland any day of the week.

Snookies121747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

He's not Snake, he's Big Boss. That's where the confusion lies. Hayter voices Snake, he should never have voiced Big Boss in the first place. There was no reason for them to sound alike. The only one that should have sounded like Big Boss was Solidus, as he was the perfect clone.

Summons751747d ago

Big Boss = Naked Snake. The JP voice actor has done Solid and Naked...both Snakes. Hayter started with Solid then played Naked and should be considering solid is his CLONE. If you are saying Hayter should have never been Naked then say the exact same thing about the JP voice actor to don't even being yo argue it.

OrangePowerz1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

His code name is Snake even though it's Big Boss so I can still call him Snake :)

Why shouldn't the clone who reassembles Big Boss closely sound like him? When MGS3 was announced people wherr not sure if it's Snake or Big Boss because MGS2 Snake and MGS3 Big Boss look quite similar.

Akio voiced Snake, Big Boss and Solidus and will still voice Big Boss in MGS5.

There isn't any reason that Hayter shouldn't voice Big Boss/Snake in MGS5 besides of Konami can market it more in the west with Sutherland.

_-EDMIX-_1747d ago

I agree, but even with Solidus being the perfect clone, he was voiced by someone else.

A clone would not have the same sounding voice as how you speak is based mostly on where you grew up.

ie why Liquid doesn't sound like Snake nor Big Boss.

imho neither of them should sound like Big Boss, how he sounds is based on his upbringing. As a HUGE MGS fan, I'm very, very...VERY happy its voiced by someone else ,as BIG BOSS IS SOMEONE ELSE and should be seen as someone else. I felt it was a big mistake to have Hayter voice him in MGS3, it should have been voiced by someone else.

Hayter is Solid Snake, not Big Boss. I'm happy that they in .....



MGS4 had someone else voice big boss, mind you...Big Boss was in Solidus's BODY and was still voiced by someone else, not Solidus's voice as John Cygan.
so I'm fine with Hayter only voicing snake and likely feel he will be at the ending of the game as the ending of the game is also the beginning of MG1!

OrangePowerz1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )


The voice itself doesn't really depend on where someone grows up it's physical. Accents and so on depend on where you grow up, but not how the voice actually sounds.

I don't see how Hayter could play Solid Snake in MGS5. The game is set in 1984 and the Les Enfants Terribles project was conducted in 1972 meaning Solid Snake would be 12 by the time MGS5 is set and MG1 was set in 1995 when Snake is in his early 20's. The accelerated aging didn't really start until later between MGS2 and MGS4.


I don't know why you think Big Boss is in the body of Solidus, but that's not the case. Firstly Solidus has the other eye missing compared to Big Boss and secondly the remains of Solidus had been used to fake the death of Big Boss. Big Boss was kept in a coma by Zero after he was "killed" by Solid Snake in Metal Gear 2.

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rezzah1746d ago

The best we can do it repeat Big Boss's words in the voice of the original in our heads.

OrangePowerz1746d ago

Or wait for the PC mod where someome just rips out the all audio files from Hayter for all previous MGS games and puts those in instead of Sutherland :D