Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition doesn't support splitscreen mod

As discovered by NeoGAF, the release notes for the new version of Resident Evil 5 contain the line: "Ripped out the Split Screen code and Motion Controller code."
On GAF, Capcom's 'wbacon' writes, "To clarify though, the split screen code that was ripped out from the PC build is from the console version."

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pwnsause_returns1756d ago (Edited 1756d ago )

yea...and somehow a modder got it to work...

hey capcom, stop being lazy F***s and put some work into your games....

dont bull**** the PC crowd. they'll make you look dumb

ThunderPulse1755d ago

Capcom already looks dumb for moving Monster Hunter to Nintendo systems.

Sgt_Slaughter1755d ago (Edited 1755d ago )

Dumb? Sales are high on the 3DS versions since that's the portable that actually sells well in Japan, and in the U.S.

Genova841755d ago

Agree. This is so lazy. I don't know why split screen isn't innately supported for more pc games. Most of us have 360 or ps3 controllers ready to go. I love playing left 4 dead 2 with my m&k while my gf uses a 360. I just hate having to punch in those commands every time.

tanishq0081755d ago

i think split screen isn't supported for more pc games because it reduces the enjoyment of playing games on pc

Activemessiah1755d ago

And they expect people to buy this...

WizzroSupreme1755d ago

That's a shame, because the co-op was the only thing that made the game worthwhile.